Make your content more correct performing relevant reliable attractive with our web editing services.

For Honadi, the priority is to build a solid image for your company. Our web publishing experts will help you reshape your content so that it is more interesting, relevant and meets the expectations of your audience.

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The types of content we edit

Editorial content

Editorial content is content that informs, entertains and persuades users. It includes blog posts, SEO content, guides, e-books, etc. By editing this content, you will make it more effective.

Product content

This is content that focuses on a company's products or services. They take into account product sheets, customer reviews... By editing these contents you make them more attractive, which allows to generate more sales.

Web page content

To increase the performance of your website, it is important to edit the content found on its homepage, service pages, category pages, author pages, "about" pages, etc.

Social network content

This is content published on social media to promote a company or brand. Therefore, it must be optimized to generate subscriptions, comments and other interactions from your audience.

Marketing content

Marketing contents are newsletters, advertisements, banners and many others. With the Honadi team, these contents can be reworked to increase conversion rates, promote and reinforce your brand image.

Visual content

This is content that focuses on podcasts, infographics, images, etc. By revising this content, you make it more relatable and increase the lead rate on your site.

Only four steps with our content editing services, it's very easy!

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We cover most topics

We are in a position to edit content that meets the expectations of your audience in the field of artificial intelligence, computer science, etc. By improving the quality of the contents from these topics, we provide reliable and succinct information to the readers.

With our content editing team, we can update your content that deals with travel, sightseeing, movies, games, music, series, etc.

We have excellent editors who take care of editing texts related to wellness. These redesigned contents allow readers to better understand the factors to improve and maintain their health in good condition.

With our editors, we are able to improve your content on topics related to finance, the stock market, the economy… and make them more attractive to your readers.

Our team is able to make your training and education content more relevant such as: university institutes, online courses, certifications, etc.

We can edit content that discusses cryptocurrency, its impacts and investment opportunities. After reviewing these contents, your readers will be more apt to engage, which increases the awareness of your business.

With our editing team, we guarantee you the most correct content on online sales, investment opportunities, shopping rules, and other topics related to online businesses.

Our content editors work on texts that deal with web writing, SEO, content management, etc. By editing these texts, we produce quality content that meets the needs of your users and the standards of search engines.

Why are we your trusted partner?

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Rely on the experience and skills of our content editors
kills in web content editing. We are therefore able to meet your expectations by making your content more effective in order to generate more results.
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Get faultless and unique content
We have a perfect command of some professional tools that we use to edit and optimize content. We can mention: SEO tools, word processing software, formatting tools, plagiarism checking, mistakes checking, etc.
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Occupy the first place in the first search results
Our agency can edit your content to make it more effective and optimize it for search engines to improve the visibility and positioning of your website.
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Benefit from speed and flexibility
Honadi can adapt to the needs and demands of its customers by providing content suitable for different media such as websites, blogs, social networks, etc.
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Save time and money
Using our agency allows you to save time by redesigning your content and making it more explanatory, clear and accessible. And this is done at a reasonable and fixed price.
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Our Guarantees

Delivery times

We deliver our clients' content on time

Plagiarism free

We systematically check for plagiarism with Quetext

High quality

We create only high quality content


We work on all topics


We keep our clients' information private.


We can publish your articles for you

Breathe new life into your content with our web publishing service

Web content editing can improve the readability of a site by using techniques such as formatting, prioritizing and simplifying content. According to a study, visitors spend an average of 15 seconds on a web page before deciding to leave it. If the content is not easy to read, they are most likely to quit the page.

Web content editing can also increase conversion rates by focusing on optimizing calls to action and using persuasive techniques. According to a study, websites that used content editing techniques saw a 26% increase in their conversion rate.

Search engines place great importance on the quality and relevance of a site’s content. Web content editing can improve SEO by using pertinent keywords and preventing repetitive content. According to a study, websites that used content editing techniques saw a 9% increase in their search engine rankings.

Web content editing can also increase visitor loyalty by providing useful information and creating a positive user experience. According to one study, websites that used content editing techniques saw a 38% increase in visitor loyalty.

Find the most accurate responses to your questions!

We can edit a variety of content types, including blog posts, news articles, e-books, video scripts, corporate documents, academic papers and marketing materials. We can also tailor your content for use on different channels, such as social networks, blogs and websites.

We can improve your content by correcting grammatical and syntax errors, improving clarity and conciseness, adding relevant examples and factual data, fact-checking, and optimizing the structure of your content for better readability. We can also assist you in optimizing your website content for search engines with the help of search engine optimization.

Delivery times depend on the length and complexities of the job, and also our current caseload. We strive to meet the agreed upon delivery dates when accepting a project. If tighter deadlines are required, please contact us to discuss available options.

The price is determined by the duration and intensity of the project, as well as the specific services required. We can give you a personalized estimate according to your needs. We are also willing to discuss pricing options for long-term or recurring projects.

Yes, we have a team of multilingual editors who can edit documents in many languages, including English, French, Portuguese. If there is a specific language you require, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Yes, we respect our clients’ confidentiality and guarantee that all information and documents shared will remain confidential. We take the necessary security measures to protect your confidential documents, including using secure file transfer protocols and signing confidentiality agreements. We understand the importance of protecting your sensitive information and are committed to ensuring that your data is secure at all times.

Yes, we can edit documents for use on specific platforms, such as websites, blogs, social networks, online magazines, e-publishing platforms, etc. WWe can also assist you in the process of optimizing your content for use on mobile or online platforms.

Yes, we can edit documents for academic purposes, including dissertations, theses, research papers, lab reports, essays, etc. We can also help you ensure that your document meets appropriate academic standards and citation conventions.

You can submit your paper for editing using our online submission form or by sending us an email with your paper attached. It is also possible to send us your document via an online file storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. We will give you full instructions on how to send your document when you contact us to discuss your project.

You can email or call us to find out the status of your project.. We will also provide you with regular timelines to ensure that we meet the agreed upon deadlines for delivery of your project.

You can submit your content for editing by emailing the document to us or by using our online submission form on our website. It is important to provide all specific instructions and format requirements so that we can understand your needs and deliver quality work.

We accept a variety of file formats, including Microsoft Word, PDF, Google Docs, and other commonly used formats. If you have specific format needs, please let us know so we can assist you.

ranslation services in addition to content editing. We have a team of experienced translators who can translate your content into a variety of languages.

We manage requests for changes or revisions by working closely with our clients to understand their needs and ensure that the final content meets their requirements. We offer free review services for all projects to ensure client satisfaction.

We can give you tips on creating effective content, such as using relevant keywords, presentation structure, using active writing, and writing for your target audience. Feel free to contact us to discuss your content needs and get advice on how to maximize them.

Yes, we have a privacy policy to protect our customers’ information and content. We will never share or distribute your information without your explicit consent.

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