Web Copy: 5 Tips for a Successful Conclusion

8 seconds, is the time it takes to retain the attention of a visitor on a website. That’s why editors focus on creating a captivating introduction that will hold their readers’ attention from the start.

But the latter focus so much on the introduction that they neglect the conclusion even though the latter is just as important. The conclusion is the ultimate opportunity to retain your readers on your website and increase traffic rates.

It is also easier to write than the introduction. So why not spend a little more time when creating your content?

By reading this article, you will have the tips to write a powerful conclusion for any type of blog post.

Why write a good blog post conclusion?

An effective conclusion reminds your readers of the strength and impact of your content. It refocuses the attention of visitors to your website on the problem and the main points addressed in the writing of your article.

A relevant and memorable conclusion helps to:

  • Bring the reader’s attention back to the main idea or subject of your article;
  • Summarize the major ideas discussed in the article;
  • Encourage action;
  • Etc. 
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As an example, the screenshot above presents the conclusion of an article that focuses on 100 types of content that marketers can use to optimize their site and strengthen their brand.

From such a conclusion, visitors to the Honadi site have a summary of the content formats (visual or textual) that it is possible to create to obtain quality articles.

In short, just remember that the conclusion of a blog article is nothing other than the summary of the entire article. So, you must get to the point, without forgetting that your conclusion should not be long and should not contain visual support.

To help you easily conclude a blog post, I give you 5 tips that will certainly be useful to you in writing it.

1. Keep it short and specific

When you finish with the body of your article, that is to say, the writing itself, where you have addressed all the main points of your theme, you must necessarily write a conclusion.

Remember that the reader is almost at the end of reading your article, so this is not the time to give explanations or add new information. You just need to summarize the body of the article.

Below you will see an example of a short and precise, but compelling conclusion to an article that addresses 20 examples, tips and resources for successful web writing.

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This conclusion contains five short, understandable paragraphs that perfectly summarize the entire article.

2. Summarize the essential ideas

As stated above, the conclusion is one of the most important parts of a blog post. It consists of summarizing the key points of your article or reminding Internet users what your article is about.

As a writer, you must write a powerful conclusion that will give a precise answer to the issue discussed in the article.

In other words, you need to summarize your message so that the reader feels like they have a compelling answer to their concern. To easily get the conclusion right, you need to focus on writing the body of the article.

By basing your content on it, you avoid straying from the basic subject and you will also make it easier to summarize. In fact, the summary is nothing more than the big ideas that you try to synthesize into a few sentences.

So, if the subject of your article is to give 10 tips for effectively proofreading your web content, the summarized part will be as follows:

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3. Don’t use visual aids

Images or screenshots generally find their place in the body of the article. It is often not advisable to put visual content in the conclusion.

Inserting a photo in the summary part gives the impression that you are adding new information and the size could be longer than it should be in the standards.

4. Encourage your readers to action by placing a CTA

Once your readers have finished reading your article, it is important that you encourage them to action by putting a call-to-action (CTA).

In other words, to encourage your site visitors to take action, whether it’s rereading your article, leaving a comment, downloading a book and much more, you need to write a sentence incentive.

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The objective here is to get visitors to your site to speak freely and discover your company, your services as well as the performance of your web content.

5. Add an internal link

To generate traffic and increase the visibility rate on your website, you must necessarily keep Internet users on your blog by encouraging them to action.

To achieve this, encourage your visitors to continue their reflection on a subject similar to the one they have just read without changing sites.

By inserting an internal link in your article or adding it to your CTA, you redirect your readers to other content that is still on your website.

This content can be:

  • A blog post;
  • A white paper;
  • A video ;
  • An infographic;
  • An ebook;
  • Etc. 
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Remember, when visitors to your site click on this link, they are officially engaging with your business and you are becoming familiar with them.


Ultimately, the conclusion is one of the components of a blog post that keeps people on your website. It helps increase the traffic rate on your site and also builds reader loyalty.

By following these few tips presented in this article, you can easily write a good conclusion for all kinds of web content.

You should keep in mind that it should be short, compelling, free of any visual content and above all focus on the main topic of the article.

If you still have difficulty writing your blog articles despite our tips, you can use the content creation services by Honadi.

We guarantee impactful content. Don’t forget to leave us your impressions in the “comments” session.

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