15 Best Content Marketing Tools

About 91% of B2B companies include content marketing in their action plan in order to generate traffic and increase the conversion rate.

It is therefore clear that content marketing has become a crucial element for businesses, because in addition to strengthening their online presence, it allows them to obtain new prospects.

However, establishing an effective strategy can be difficult for some companies, which leads them to resort to the services of specialists in the field.

But today, there are many effective content marketing tools that can help businesses build a solid strategy. These tools are designed to facilitate the creation of web content, allowing businesses to generate leads.

By reading this article, you will discover 15 content marketing tools that will definitely allow you to maximize the benefits of your strategy.

Let’s go discover them!

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is one of the sustainable strategies that involves creating and publishing quality content.

This content shared on social platforms and websites often includes blog posts, videos, infographics, e-books, webinars, etc.

Also known as content marketing, its objective is to establish a long-term relationship with companies and their customers by providing them with interesting information that will help them make a purchasing decision.

In addition, implementing a good content marketing strategy allows companies to develop the image of their brand, increase their visibility rate, and attract and engage their target audience.

15 marketing tools to implement a Content Marketing strategy

Content marketing tools allow you to accomplish different types of tasks. In fact, they will allow you:

  • Organize your content;
  • Manage your presence on social media;
  • Analyze the performance of your rivals’ content;
  • Create quality images;
  • And many other things.

Here are some effective content marketing tools that you can use in your marketing strategy.

1. BuzzSumo: Analyze topics and find influencers

BuzzSumo is one of the content marketing tools that helps you get ideas on what type of content is best for your industry.

It allows you to find influencers in your sector who can help you promote your brand or your content.

1 Recherche d influenceurs

Source : Buzzsumo

With this tool, you will also be able to identify your competitors, based on what they write as well as how they market.

In other words, you can analyze and track the performance of your rivals’ content. By having an idea of ​​the quality of their content, you can compare their results to yours.

2. Evernote: Capture, organize and share notes

Evernote is one of the best places where you can put your ideas or content to allow your team to access them for the smooth running of your strategies and activities.

In other words, with this tool, you can store and organize your content while sharing it with your team members.

You can also add the information you obtained during your searches to BuzzSumo and easily access it at any time.

2 Outil d organisation de contenus

In fact, with Evernote you can:

  • To record your textual as well as visual content;
  • Access your notes offline;
  • Synchronize your notes on all types of devices;
  • Add annotations to images;
  • Etc.

This marketing tool is available on all types of devices, whether on your smartphone or your work computer. 

3. Kred: Measure your online influence

Content marketing does not simply take into account the writing of web content. When implementing a marketing strategy, it is important that the world gets an idea of ​​who you are, reads your content and engages with your brand.

To do this, you need to collaborate with influencers to help amplify your message on social platforms. This is the whole role of Kred

3 Outil de mesure d influence

It is the ideal resource for building credibility and trust. With this tool, you are able to measure your online influence rate.

By analyzing the performance of your activities on Twitter and Facebook, you will be able to identify and contact influencers who will have a positive impact on the development of your business.

Additionally, you can create your own influencer status with the aim of improving your online presence and being more noticeable in the competitive market.

4. Trello: Collaborate with your team members

The majority of companies that implement their content marketing are often in collaboration with their team members. In fact, they have perfect knowledge of the content and services that their companies offer.

Thus, to facilitate teamwork, Trello is one of the perfect tools that you can use. It allows you to plan the writing of content, their publication as well as their sharing on websites.

4 Outil de collaboration

Additionally, to maintain your marketing strategy, this tool helps you leave messages for your team, so that your competitors have no doubts about your content action plan.

Above all, remember that among the many collaboration tools that exist, Trello is one of the best.

5. ClickFunnels: Create Funnels

The sales funnel is an essential element that any business must take into account when implementing a marketing strategy.

So, to maintain your online presence, you must necessarily create a sales funnel to follow the journey of your visitors online or offline in order to retain them.

5 Outil de creation d entonnoirs

Source : Act

From this funnel you can:

  •  Convert your visitors into customers loyal to your brand ,
  • Increase the quality and quantity of your company’s orders,
  • Etc.

Creating a funnel can take you quite a while. But as this article discusses time-saving tools, you can simply use ClickFunnels.

Because of its simple drag and drop platform, ClickFunnels is a fantastic tool. It gives you the opportunity to design a sales funnel in a reasonable time.

6 Creation raide d entonnoirs

With this tool you are able to create a funnel:

  • Sales;
  • Automatic webinar;
  • Membership;
  • Meeting;
  • Etc. 

In short, ClickFunnels is one of the best marketing automation tools which you can use to increase engagement rate.

6. Tweriod: Tweet when others are listening

Twitter is one of the social platforms that you can use to promote your brand or web content.

Before posting on this social network, it is essential that you know when your target audience is paying attention to you as well as their online presence.

Thanks to Tweriod, you will have a visual report that can help you discover the best time of day when people are online to send tweets.

Once you know the day and time to reach your audience on Twitter, you can post your content at that specific time to get more people to click on your content.

This tool also allows you to track the mentions and responses you receive from Internet users.

7 Outil de suivi des mentions

 7. Canva: Create stunning images

Images are visuals that make your content much more attractive in order to quickly attract the attention of visitors to your site or blog. So, to find quality images that you can insert into your articles, Canva is the perfect tool besides Photoshop.

8 Outil de reation d image

Canva has templates on its platform that allow you to create something that will definitely fascinate your readers in just a few minutes.

Additionally, with this free image tool, you can design eye-catching images to add to your web content. It’s also perfect for creating images to post on your websites or social media accounts.

This allows you to draw people’s attention to your content with images to get more visibility online.

8. Uberflip: Dominate your buyers’ journey

Uberflip is a useful tool for content marketing. Its main objective is to improve the quality of the content on your site and boost your performance to get an idea of ​​your buyers’ journey.

It helps you manage blogs, videos, images, e-books and more by bringing them together in one place.

9 Gestion de blog

Uberflip also allows you to create sales feeds or content hubs, an online destination that hosts your content in one place.

It is a good tool that you can use to improve the quality of your articles and provide your customers with a smooth and seamless experience.

9. SEMRush: Conduct keyword research and track your content performance

SEMRush is a valuable resource that provides a wealth of information on everything related to search marketing.

Specifically, it is one of the tools that allows you to obtain the keywords for which your competitors obtain the best organic rankings.

10 Recherche de mots cles

You will also be able to identify the keywords that will help your business rank well. Just enter a URL into SEMRush. Right after that, you’ll have a host of key themes that you didn’t know existed.

With these keywords, you can easily find yourself in the first pages of search engine results. Likewise, thanks to this free tool, you can analyze your competitors’ backlinks or your own.

 10. MailChimp: Email Marketing

It is essential that emailing is integrated into your online marketing strategy, because it is one of the best ways to be in direct contact with your target audience. The perfect solution for this is MailChimp.

11 Vente par courriel

With MailChimp, you have the ability to access your dashboard from a mobile device and a desktop computer. Its use is purely free and also allows you to create a mailing list with your subscribers and follow them.

Additionally, it allows you to monitor the rate of opens, clicks, subscribers and unsubscribes to your emails. It also offers email templates that you can easily use.

All in all, know that MailChimp is one of the most user-friendly and flexible methods you can use to automate your emails. 

11. Ahrefs: Outrank Your Competitors

The home page of Ahrefs helps you know why your competitors are ranking so highly in the SERP and also helps you outrank them. In other words, Ahrefs allows you to track your online market rivals as well as your own progress.

12 Suivi de la concurrence

Source : Boostability

In fact, it is one of the perfect marketing tools that you can use to achieve huge results considering what your competitors are doing. Using this tool, you can create content and promote it while measuring its quality.

 12. HootSuite: Manage social networks

Creating content and sharing it on various social platforms is great for your business because it helps you gain awareness and generate sufficient traffic. However, it takes quite a long time.

To make work easier, millions of people use HootSuite to manage social media posts. With this tool, these users are able to write content, plan it and share it on social platforms at the right times.

13 Gestion des reseaux sociaux

It also gives you the ability to view your social media timeline and lets you get an idea of ​​your latest posts from your dashboard. This way, you have an overview of your online content.

In addition, it provides a spell checker, which avoids mistakes in your publications on social networks or websites. 

13. Grammarly: Correct the spelling and grammar of your content

Content full of mistakes is not taken into account by Internet users and is not worthy of interest either.

This can easily lower the trust level of your site visitors to the point where they won’t engage with your content, no matter how you market your writing.

It is often recommended to use spell checkers. But sometimes, they can’t always analyze writing for grammatical errors or take the writing context into account.

This is why you need to use the tool Grammarly to ensure accuracy in your writing.

With this tool, you can easily identify grammar errors such as:

  • Overuse of words;
  • Bad agreements;
  • Poorly formulated ideas;
  • Etc. 
14 Outil de grammaire

You also have the option of using Grammarly without having to go to its site. Just add it to Chrome where you can access it from the tab in order to correct the errors contained in your content.

15 Grammaire sur chrome

14. AWeber: Write and share emails on social platforms

AWeber is an email marketing platform. Not only does this tool help you in writing the email registration form, but also helps you share them. It also includes a variety of statistics and reporting capabilities.

16 Partage de mails

It is one of the best solutions to empower your emails and manage your subscribers across multiple channels. Plus, it works seamlessly with some popular platforms like PayPal, WordPress, and Facebook.

15. MashShare: Put social sharing buttons in your content

MashShare allows you to put social sharing buttons that readers won’t be able to ignore.

17 Bouton de partage

The goal here is to get your site visitors to share your posts on other social platforms from the buttons that will encourage them to do so.

Once they share your content, these readers’ friends will see their post and will definitely read your content.

The free version of this marketing tool offers limited functionality. But you can purchase add-ons to access other options.

These modules include the “ Select & Share” which automatically displays share buttons when users highlight content on your website.


All in all, whether you are new to the world of content marketing or you are a marketing expert, you must include content marketing in your strategies.

To help you get the most out of your content without having to spend a lot of time and energy, you can use the 15 marketing tools presented in this article.

These tools are among the easiest and most effective ways to boost your content engagement rates.

All you have to do is choose which ones you want to test and find out which of them helps increase your results.

You can also read the article on 100 types of digital contents that you can use to strengthen your brand and optimize your site.

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