6 types of visual content to use in your marketing campaigns

Launching a marketing campaign involves having an idea about the type of content that will be most beneficial in attracting more customers.

Today, almost 90 % of Internet users understand visual content better than textual content. This is certainly one of the reasons that motivate marketers and businesses to invest more in visual content.

In this article, I will take you to discover 6 types of visual content that you can use in the launch and success of your marketing campaign.

Importance of visual content in marketing campaigns

Visual content is easy-to-understand graphics or illustrations that convey a message in an attractive format to a target audience.

In the field of marketing, they allow businesses to increase brand awareness and gain potential customers.

Visuals are also content that generates more visibility and increases engagement as well as inbound links on a website.

Note that there are several visual content formats. We can cite:

  • Images ;
  • The graphics;
  • Screenshots;
  • Videos ;
  • The slides ;
  • Etc. 
1 type de contenus visuel

Source : Reputation

With this visual content, it is possible to connect with the audience and convey to them all kinds of information to keep their attention on the content of your marketing campaign.

Here is 6 types of visual content that you can implement in your marketing strategy.

Visual type 1: Images

Marketer Jeff Bullas says that sites that have attractive images in their article get more reviews. 94% views than textual content.

In this case, it is preferable to use original and above all quality images in your marketing campaigns to attract customers’ attention to your services or products.

Typically, creating these images is expensive and can be time consuming. You must learn to use design software or even call on a graphic designer to create custom designs for you.

However, there is software for creating visual content such as Canva which will help you in designing images. It’s an online tool that offers graphic design templates that you can customize and use in your content.

2 Caneva

Source : Hubspot

Likewise, you can get on photo sharing sites like Morguefile And Flickr, a quantity of relevant images.

Knowing that these platforms are free and have a multitude of images, try to select original photos that fit above all with your marketing objectives so as not to find yourself in competition with your competitors.

In addition, it is important to make sure that you have permission to use them so as not to get in trouble with the image designers, because the latter can file a lawsuit against you or request the removal of the image.

Visual type 2: Infographics

Internet users go to websites to obtain reliable data on a given subject. To satisfy them, it is preferable to present the information in the form of graphs.

This is the case of infographics, visual content which contains essential information about a product, a brand, a service, etc.

It is perfect for grouping and structuring complex statistics related to your products or brands into an easy-to-understand and compelling virtual presentation.

Infographics can also help you with your marketing campaigns. One of the reasons is that the majority of bloggers use them in their content. In addition, consumers prefer them more than texts.

It is therefore possible that your web page will be found throughout the blogosphere and on social platforms. This allows you to profit from your advertising campaigns and your brand will be known in the online market.

As an example, the infographic presented below focuses on the profile of a good web editor.

3 visuelle infographie

Source : Honadi 

But keep in mind that the information you include in your infographic must be accurate and, above all, relevant data.

Also remember to use the right colors and choose a font, size and style that best suits your brand.

Visual type 3: Video

On YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many other social media, users share a lot of visual content, especially videos. In one day, almost 55 % people go to these platforms to watch videos.

Videos are indeed exceptional content for describing a company in order to expose the services they offer. Using videos in marketing campaigns and publishing them on social networks or websites allows you to:

  • To reach your customers;
  • To obtain enough commitments;
  • To have more notoriety;
  • And increase the conversion rate of your website 86 %

Videos are also a way to convey a quantity of information in a short time. You can thereforeuse videos, whether explanatory, demonstration, practical or another type of video to improve your services or activities. 

Whatever your choice, you should know that the videos you use in your marketing campaign must be related to the services you offer or to your brand.

The following video illustrates the benefit of inserting videos into your content.

To help you create quality videos, we offer you InVideo, a free video design tool that will help you succeed in your video marketing strategy.

Visual type 4: Animated GIF

Every marketer aims to improve their advertising campaigns to be more engaging and eye-catching.

To achieve this goal, some marketers are turning to Animated GIFs to allow people who often do not have time to view videos of a few seconds.

Known by the acronymGraphics Interchange Format, an animated GIF is a file that contains a series of images that scroll like a small video that loops.

This graphic exchange format makes it possible to transmit a message to a target audience and capture their attention.

In marketing, animated GIFs are used to:

  • Expose the services of a company;
  • Give an overview of a recent product;
  • Highlight a brand’s information as a mini presentation, advertising, storytelling;
  • Etc. 

In addition, their creation is easier and cheaper than a video, because they are short videos. You can also integrate animated GIFs into your web content and put them on social platforms for the success of your marketing campaigns.

Visual type 5: Presentations

Presentations were only done in conference rooms a few decades ago.

Now you can make presentations and publish them on websites like SlideShare, a platform that allows you to easily communicate with your audience.

4 visuel sur les presentation slide

A good presentation on SlideShare can expand the reach of your business. Likewise, you can easily be in direct collaboration with your customers, whatever the means of communication.

In fact, presentations play almost the same role as infographics, in that they also emphasize attractive colors and design. The only difference is that they contain much more information than infographics.

Therefore, if your advertising content is long, it would be better to make a presentation. Furthermore, if the color, font and border are consistent with your information, you will have a great reach on your business.

Visual type 6: Screenshots

Screenshots are effective in verifying the veracity of the information given in your advertising content. They allow your customers to have a direct view of the services you offer them.

image 6

As an example, the screenshot above shows that at Honadi, we provide our customers with original content with 0% plagiarism.

In other words, using screenshots in marketing campaigns allows you to confirm your commercial claims to your customers with visual proof.

By combining the capture with marketing copy, your users will get an idea of ​​how your business works, which canstrengthen your credibility in the competitive market

Additionally, they are types of visual content that you can insert into your SlideShare presentations and infographics to give more value to the numbers or information you present.

However, when you take the captures, try to direct your customers to the content by underlining or circling the terms that will make it easier to understand.

In summary

Visuals are attractive content that motivates people to discover more about the products, brands or services that a company offers. They are effective for the success of advertising campaigns and allow you to obtain more traffic.

It is therefore essential that you use visual content in your marketing strategy to improve your brand awareness and establish a solid relationship with your customers.

If you would like to use one of these types of content in your marketing strategy, let us know your response and if possible your opinions in the “comments” session.

If this article interested you, you can also consult the 66 Video Stats You Should Know to discover new trends in video marketing.

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