100 Types Of Content: The Definitive Guide For Marketers

Worldwide, more than 600 millions of websites are intended for the publication of web content. In addition, nearly 89% of marketers use it in their marketing strategies.

This proves that many people create blogs and use them to publish articles and capture the attention of an audience in order to achieve their marketing goals.

But sometimes, most people who publish online have difficulty choosing the type of content that will best meet the expectations of their site visitors. In other words, they cannot decide on the choice of content to adopt.

To help you get an idea of ​​what types of content will work best with your goals or would be most appropriate, I’ve compiled a list of 100 types of digital content that you can use to optimize your site and strengthen your brand.

We browse these different types of content in three main categories, namely:

  • Textual content;
  • Multimedia content;
  • And other content.

So, if you’re ready to find out more, which you obviously are, let’s do it.

Text content

Textual content is a type of content that does not require the presence of any audio or video material, anything that can be visual. This type of content only uses words and knowledge to form sentences in a convincing manner.

Contrary to what one might think, you have several possibilities when it comes to writing text-type content. Here are some types of text content you can create for your blog.

1. About

Your content « about Us is one of the strongest posts you can create for your brand. It positions your company and if possible your personality as a market leader.

In the case of Honadi, a web content management company that prioritizes the creation of textual content.

A propos

The part “ about» of our company blog focuses on our team’s mission, our values, the vision of our creation and how we serve our content.

By providing these details about the company, visitors will have an idea of ​​its image, its services, its performance, etc., which will obviously increase its customer base.

2. Examples of success

It’s important that you show the world how you and your business came to the top. You can share with your target audience the techniques you have put in place to be at this level through well-provided content.

In this text content, you talk about your successes and experiences. People can therefore draw inspiration from your professional journey to achieve similar results and achieve their goals.

3. Blog Posts

Next to 80% of bloggers are more likely to easily achieve their goals with blog posts.

Blog articles are indeed textual content that allows marketers to express their creativity and give their opinion on a specific subject. They also allow you to send a message or inform Internet users about a fact.

Generally, blog posts are close to 1,416 words and their content allows customers to resolve their problem themselves.

In addition, they give them the reasons that justify the effectiveness of the products sold or services offered, which pushes them to become more involved.

4. Guest posts

More tha  60% of bloggers write almost five guest blogs in one month. Guest blogging or guest posts is a great way you can use to fill your editorial calendar all year long.

This type of content reduces the burden on the company’s content creators while keeping the blog full of quality content.

5. Guest posts

Guest posts are content that allows readers to share their content on the company blog.

However, business owners can choose the content they are interested in before moving on to the publishing phase to avoid any problems.

6. Press articles

You probably have new things to post about your business or new announcements, you can use news articles to better engage your target audience. As a press article, we have newspapers, magazines, etc.

1 Articles de presse

Source : Coschedule

7. Website content

A few decades ago, studies carried out by Think With Google found that most people are likely to search for more than 4 types of content before making a purchasing decision.

Thus, this type of content proves effective because you present to your customers how your product or service can easily solve their problems. This shows that this content is extremely powerful in influencing online sales.

8. Company News

This is great, cost-effective content for all business owners and marketers. To have an audience interested in your services, you can write and share news about your business with your customers and investors.

9. Microblog articles

To give your opinion on a particular event, the microblog articles are effective in doing so. It’s a good way to publicly express your point of view on a specific subject in a few words.

10. How to avoid failure

Unlike business success stories, “How to Avoid Failure” content shows how you can fail to reach the top.

2 eviter l echec

No matter what technique you use (multimedia or text), you can get the message across. This pushes them to awareness so that they do not have to suffer this failure in their field of activity.

11. How to or Guides

Most Internet users like informative articles or guides, because these contents orient them and give them guidelines. In this case, creating the guides would be an ideal way to share knowledge and teach others.

3 Guides

Marketers can then provide textual content that can help their customers do various things. Apart from textual content, they can create videos or make audios that give details on “how to do” something.

12. “Why” Content

Explanatory content allows visitors to your website to understand how the products or services you offer them work. To give these reasons, you can use solid facts to back up your words, which makes your audience more confident.

13. Product Reviews

By using small copy, you can show the value of an exciting product while letting the world know the essential things to know about it via social media. Reviews of your products help your customers decide whether to purchase your items or not.

14. Product Ads

When you are planning to release a new product, it would be wise to inform your audience. This allows your customers to have an overview about this product and they can also prepare themselves through the purchase, which increases public interest.

15. White Papers

THE white papers are content that often describes the benefits a customer will get when using a product or service from your company.

So, you must give them information about your services or sectors of activity to motivate them to make a purchasing decision.

You can present white papers in PDF format to share them so that users can download them in turn. Here is an example of a white paper written on Content Marketing.

4 Livres blancs

This document presented above contains 50 pages and gives tips for becoming an expert on the subject.

16. Versus articles

Versus articles are content that aims to give the reasons why certain products or services are more effective than others. You can give these reasons textually or visually.

Just remember that this type of content is an exceptional way to promote a product and reveal its value and importance to visitors to your site.

17. Comparisons

Unlike articles where you simply show the value and effectiveness of a product, the comparison consists of making the distinction between two products. And this with the aim of selecting the product which would be the most effective.

5 Comparaisons

Source : Coschedule

If you wish, you can take a look at the comparison that was made on the top ten blog platforms.

18. Questions and answers

The majority of people who go online generally ask questions about almost everything. Specifically, people are on the internet to find a solution to a problem.

6 Questions et reponses

Thus, question-and-answer articles are among the most preferred content by Internet users. These articles, whether in text or multimedia format, lead customers to visit the company’s site and spend time there.

19. Lists

Marketers can create a list starting from a topic of their choice. For example, they can list the best books, movies, products and services.

Thanks to this kind of content, the public will have a clear idea of ​​your activities, which will allow your business to be more noticeable and stand out in the online market.

20. Glossaries

Having a glossary on your blog to enlighten your subscribers on essential terms in your industry is a good idea. It is textual content that includes a list of acronyms and phrases related to a single topic, followed by their definitions.

7 Glossaires

Source : Firstsiteguide

It allows visitors to do less research before understanding a concept. This is the case of the Firstsiteguide glossary shown in the image above.

21. Case studies

A case study is web content that consists of telling and sharing the success of your potential customers while using your products. You can also talk about how you helped them resolve their issues.

Case study content can be in written form or video format. With these contents, you can maintain your old customers, get new customers and retain them.

22. Testimonials

Testimonials play the same role as case studies. The only difference is that the customer has the opportunity to say in his own language what he thinks of the services offered to him by the company.

8 Temoignages

Testimonials are considered feedback, because you will have a clear idea of ​​what your customers think of you and your services.

They actually share their experience on your website. This allows your company to improve the quality of its services.


This is the best way to get impressions and opinions from your readers. Whatever the subject of your blog, comments will always be important. They help generate new ideas for a better future.

9 Commentaires

24. Interviews

Interviews are a great medium that allows marketers to discuss various topics in text form and can be broadcast across multiple media.

Marketers can use interviews to talk about current events, issues facing their customers, and past events. In fact, your interview topic depends on your creative ideas and your industry.

25. Weeks

Wiki is a collaborative web page that you can use to create content related to a given topic.

On this page, Internet users also have the possibility of sharing content, which allows you to obtain a remarkable number of visitors to your website.

In addition, it makes you more visible in the online market and you can be used as a reference in internet disputes. You can consult the Star Wars wiki page to get an idea of ​​how wiki content looks.

26. Inspirational Messages

Inspirational messages are content that motivates people. So, if you have talent, don’t hesitate to write texts and publish them on your site or on social networks.

10 Messages inspirants 1

These posts will definitely help you generate enough shares. In addition, it is very likely that your texts will go viral.

27. Metaphors

Writing about a topic or concept that many people have already covered is not a bad idea, but don’t make the mistake of copying them literally. You can write about the same idea in different ways.

In other words, you approach the subject from a new angle by telling the same story from a different point of view. In a word, be original.

28. Scheduled events

It is essential that marketers plan the events they plan to organize or attend.

They must therefore publish them on their site to allow their customers to have an idea of ​​where they are. Also, it will be really helpful for clients who want to meet you or need your services.

29. Cost Sheets

All business owners and marketers should normally have an expense sheet.

Specifically, if you do business online and have a website, having a cost sheet is a good idea. This sheet shows your customers the prices of your products.

30. Newsletters

It is an effective way to inform the world about new services and products. Newsletter content is really useful for business owners.

11 Bulletins d informations

Source : Cloudfront

These can create newsletters to announce to their customers the new reforms carried out in the company.

31. Promotional positions

Generally, promotions are a common practice on e-commerce sites and among bloggers. The latter do it almost all the time to be ahead of their competitors and to retain prospects.

As a marketer, you can post free offers related to your products or services.

This is the case for online stores and software companies who typically plan promotional sales events around Cyber ​​Monday.

32. Recipes

Culinary content is useful for people who are good at cooking and want to share their skills with others.

So you can write texts or make videos based on your personal experiences to show the world what you can do.

33. Funny stories

If you want to entertain your audience, you can post funny stories on your blog. Most people like to spend their time searching for funny content rather than other content.

So, don’t hesitate to create funny stories on your blog, which helps you generate traffic and be noticeable in the online market.

34. Research

You can start a research blog if you like to research current topics.

On this blog, you can share your discoveries. People will definitely be interested. You will have enough leads and can also make a name for yourself this way.

35. Disclaimer

Typically the disclaimer is the single page of textual content that details the issues of copyright. Additionally, you can use it to explain the purpose of your blog and state your intentions. 

36. User-generated content

It is important that everyone has access to your blog and the ability to publish any content with your permission.

You can analyze the articles that your visitors publish and sort them to remove unwanted content. This allows marketers and businesses to gain a massive audience.

37. Predictions

If you think you have the ability to anticipate events based on certain experiences or information, you can blog about it.

Internet users will be able to visit your blog to read, for example, your predictions on the Cata World Cup or the presidential elections.

With this type of content, be sure that you will get a lot of angry comments, because not everyone will agree with you.

38. Worksheets

Spreadsheet is one of the best content that complements blog posts. Although it requires a process to complete, it helps readers work through the ideas you give them so that they leave your site with something tangible.

12 Feuilles de travail

Source : Coschedule

39. Citations

Quotes are motivational, inspirational, sometimes entertaining and educational joke content. They are a powerful way to increase engagement on social media.

For example, if you want to prove that marketers need an editorial calendar to organize their work, you should turn to a content marketing influencer. This will give you information or a quote on the subject.

By putting this information in your blog, you give weight to your content and also retain your visitors.

40. Literary works

If you are creative and have talent for writing, you can publish original content on your web page. This content can be a poem, a short story or any other type of literary content.

41. Book Reviews

Some people like to read books, in other words textual content. If you face these kinds of people, you can share your opinions on the internet.

Knowing that book reviews are fun and easy to do, they allow businesses and marketers to have a great customer base that you can easily interact with.

Multimedia content

Multimedia content is a mixture of different materials such as video, audio, photo or a combination of all kinds of content.

Generally, people value visual content more than textual content, because this content is attractive and viewed by almost 83% of Internet users. I present to you some visual content that will be useful for your website.

42. Electronic books or ebooks

You are probably aware that ebooks are electronic books, an excellent way to subdivide long content into chapters. You can create them from an existing blog post and share it on websites or social platforms.

You can also store it on your blog as a PDF so that all visitors can easily download it.

Furthermore, the main difference between an e-book and a blog post is that ebooks are larger and more detailed content than blog posts. So, don’t confuse them.

43. Infographics

Infographics is visual content that shows data, facts, and other relevant information. Even though it presents itself visually, it tends to quickly capture people’s attention.

Here is an infographic that addresses the steps to take to write exceptional content.

13 Infographies

Source : Honadi  

44. Diagrams

This type of visual content allows businesses and marketers to show the relationships that exist between certain events or people. Diagramming is a great way to simplify complex data for your audience.

45. Photographs

You are aware that good content with bad design is a poor article. Sometimes it is necessary for you to schedule photoshoots to get your own personalized photography.

14 Photographie

Source : Coschedule 

With this photographic content, you give your audience the chance to get to know you and your activities better. This makes you popular and increases your brand awareness.

46. ​​Screenshots

Screenshot is visual content used for short. In other words, if you want to justify your words or prove your point of view, but you don’t want to give too much explanation, the screenshot is the best way to do it.

Just capture the content you created before and you make your opinion known.

47. Demonstrations

The demo is one of the things your prospects need to make a purchasing decision.

Generally, it is confused with the presentation. The only difference is that this type of content is intended for customers who already have an idea of ​​the effectiveness of the products you sell.

15 Demonstrations

Since the demonstration is done in a visual format (video), your audience is much more interested and you can easily show them how they can use your products. You can view this demonstration video on the Digital Catalog

48. Podcasts

In America, more than 117 millions people listen to podcasts per month, and that number is only growing. This shows that this type of content is known and loved by people.

You can therefore create audio content on different subjects and share them with the whole world.

16 Podcasts

So, you can put them on your blog so that visitors listen to them. If you distribute audio files in series, there is a high probability that Internet users will register on your web page.

49. Audiobooks

Audiobooks are virtually identical to e-books, except that they use audio media. So, to create this kind of content in less time, you can turn your ebook into audio. 

Just play it chapter by chapter and you save it automatically. If you don’t like the way your voice sounds, you can contact a specialist in the field, who will know what to do to meet your expectations.

You can also take inspiration from this guide to see how you can tell your ebook content in audio form.

50. Publications audios

These are multimedia contents that marketing experts can use to convey information or send a message to the audience of their choice.

To do this, you can use software like Audacity for recording and publishing the audio file on your site so that everyone is aware of the message being conveyed.

51. Illustrations

Illustrations are graphic content that you can put on your blog to justify the veracity of your content. These illustrations are generally images that you can combine with your textual content to illustrate a fact or tell a story.

52. Transparencies

If you are a business owner and want to share your financial information or show your growth and plans to your clients, transparency will be of remarkable use to you.

It can be textual or visual content that you write to present your investment data that you share on social media.

16 Transparences

Source : Coschedule

53. Posters

Posters are content that relies more on visual appearance than on text. You can use posters to highlight a problem without giving too many details.

54. Comics

With cartoons, you can easily make people laugh. By creating funny and interesting stories on your blog, you can increase your visibility and generate more traffic.

55. Memes

THE memes are graphic content for comedy or entertainment. These contents are often shared on the internet and attract more visitors.

Memes are actually images or screenshots associated with a humorous message written at the top or bottom.

56. Vlog

Vlogging is a popular type of video content that you can post on your site to encourage people to follow you. You can create a travel Vlog where you will only share travel stories and your experiences. Here is an example of a Vlog.

57. Live Video

Today, video content is quite popular, especially among young people. Thus, you can create video content on your blog that Internet users can directly view.

17 Video en direct

They can take advantage of your online presence to comment live on your various activities

58. Music video

Do you know that music can attract enough audience and take your website to another level?

If you are a music fan, do not hesitate to publish music videos on your blog. This will be useful to you and can increase the number of leads on your site.

59. Video microphone

Long and less interesting videos are content that bores people most of the time. In this case, the ideal is to make short videos to convey precise and powerful information to your audience.

With these types of videos, you get to the point, which allows visitors to quickly understand the message in just a few seconds. If you are having trouble designing the video, you can seek help from a video maker.

60. Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are entertaining content that shows a short action that just repeats itself. The fun aspect of the gifts attracts the audience, so you get a lot of likes and shares on social media.

To create them, you can use an online GIF maker using YouTube images or short videos as a source.

61. SlideShares

SlideShare is a form of multimedia that you can use to make slideshows. From these slideshows, you present your ideas, your activities, and fun images with your clients.

You can put them on your site so that all Internet users have a global vision of your services.

62. Presentations

Presentation plays almost the same role as videos. It’s an effective way to share an idea or communicate a project to your customers.

You can visually present your products and services with presentations. These presentations can even be added to your web pages or blog posts.

63. Product Showcase Pages

Feature pages allow businesses to promote the products or services you offer to your customers.

This is a better way to showcase the features of a product. For examples of product pages, you can click on the link.

64. Daily broadcasts

You can use this type of content to be in direct and regular contact with your customers. With daily broadcasts, you can talk confidently about any topic with your audience.

Remember to take into consideration what they will say and incorporate good ideas into your marketing strategy. You can follow Ask Garyvee Show, a show hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk.

65. Daily Shows

This content allows marketers and business leaders to collaborate directly with their customers.

They can talk about any type of subject with them and draw inspiration from their comments or opinions to implement new projects or make the services they offer more effective.

66. Webinars

To show your skills to the world, you can launch webinars to allow people to connect to your site to discover your talents and what you have to say.

18 Webinaires

Source : Googleapis

Webinars are content that allows you to make yourself known and share your ideas and know-how with people who are interested.

67. Surveys

Polls or pools are multimedia content that you can generate to obtain the public’s opinion on a specific subject. These contents are easy to create and if you face difficulty in creation, you can use plugins.

68. Online courses

The course is educational content that you can create to bring together people who are passionate about learning new things. With these courses, they acquire new skills and develop their know-how.   

19 Cours en ligne

Source : Coschedule

69. Data collections and visualizations

You can collect information or data that may attract the attention of visitors.

From this collected data, you can create visual content where you present it in a table or graphically. Visitors will definitely see this information, which helps you get a large audience for your blog.

70. Investigations

To collect data or various opinions on a subject, you can create a questionnaire and publish it on your site so that visitors can fill it out.

20 Enquetes 1

You can send them via email, which allows you to get even more leads.

71. Roundups

To create Roundups, you must first collect information related to your sector of activity.

Then you group this information according to the coherence of the ideas so that the visitor does not have to do enough research before finding the information they are looking for.

Finally, you publish this information weekly, that is, every two weeks or every two months.

72. Online magazine

To have a pretty remarkable audience, ezines are the best multimedia content you can put up. You can include topics like lifestyle, construction, technology, etc. in your magazine.

73. Cards

These are also multimedia contents that you can put on your blog. With the map you show your location to your customers and you can also point out interesting places or events that happened in a specific area.

21 Cartes 1

Source : Rabbitloader

74. Promotional gifts

Everyone likes free things. So if you want to get a large audience to your website, giveaways are an exceptional way that allows you to easily achieve this goal.

75. Media mentions

If your business has been noticed by social networks, you can create a web page and share it with your visitors. In the content you publish, let your customers know what social media thinks of you and your business.

76. Forums

To attract a large number of visitors to your website, you can set up a forum to allow people to discuss topics with each other and obtain answers.

In fact, it is a great way for people to share their experience as well as their skills.

Other types of content

The different types of web articles presented in this category can also be used by marketers, business leaders and even bloggers to diversify their publication and attract prospects.

77. Plugins

Plugins are content that you can use to optimize your website. They allow you to directly create content for your readers from WordPress, which can easily increase your traffic.

22 Plugins

78. Models

This type of content allows your customers to have an idea of ​​the techniques to implement to do something.

23 Modeles

Source : Coschedule

For example, you can create templates that your visitors can easily download. They will be able to use this format to create their model or find an answer to their problem.

79. Chat Rooms

To attract and retain people to your blog, you can set up a live chat on your web page. In this show, visitors can interact with each other, have fun, share knowledge and experiences.

You also have the ability to spot troublemakers in the chat, because it is important that respect and order reign in this chat room.

80. Free tools

This content offers tools or software intended for all kinds of uses that Internet users can use free of charge.

In your blog, you can create sections that discuss the history and importance of these tools without forgetting the links for their download. This reduces the burden on your visitors, because they will no longer have to do further research before having access to these tools.

We thus have a Business name generator, a tool for generating creative business names.

24 Outils gratuits

You can easily put it on your website and in just a few clicks your visitors will get the information they need to have a personalized domain name

81. Updating existing content

Do you have old blog posts that would still be interesting if you updated and optimized them? So take the time to improve these articles and publish them on your blog as if they were brand new content.

Not only does this process save you time, but it can also help you improve your search engine rankings. Thanks to the quality of the content, you will have new subscribers, which increases your traffic.

82. Forum Quora

Quora is one of the leading sources for questions and answers. By sharing your knowledge on this site, you can earn points.

You can also promote your business if you put your business name in your title. This allows you to get traffic to your website in return.

25 Forum Quora

83. Statistics

Using the right statistics is an excellent tactic to improve your web content. Citing and using relevant statistics gives your article more weight. This verifies the veracity of your words and solidifies the trust of your customers.

84. Browser extensions

By integrating content into Chrome or other browsers, businesses can promote and expand their business. In addition, Internet users will not have trouble finding the company page, which increases the visibility rate.

85. Codes QR

Businesses that want to promote their brand or offer new products to their customers can use the codes QR. Visitors can scan the code to place their order or sign up for a service.

26 Codes QR

86. Applications mobiles

In 2022, the number of global smartphone users is estimated to be 6.6 billion, but the world population is approximately 8 billion.

This shows that the number of people using mobile devices continues to increase while those using computers are limited in number. You can take advantage of this to bring together all the mobile users on your blog.

Put mobile apps on your website so that these mobile users can download them. This way, they will have easy access to these applications on their smartphones.

87. Social Media Buttons

The presence of social media buttons on your website allows you to share your content on social media, which can help your business become better known on different social platforms.

Visitors to your blog will be able to share your content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other media simply by clicking on the social buttons on your page. This way you will get more visibility and traffic.

88. Offline Magazines

Print media is a means of communication represented by printing media such as books, brochures, newspapers and magazines. These media are in the form of printed publications.

So, if you are a fan of print media, you can digitize some magazines and publish them for your clientele. It’s an effective way to keep an archive that people can use when needed.

89. Announcements

You can post ads on certain posts on your blog to promote a brand or inform about its exposure. In fact, it’s an easy and legitimate way to increase your income.

90. Income Reports

Some entrepreneurs like to share their profit reports with their clients. It’s a great way to stay transparent and show the public how your business is thriving.

27 Rapports sur les revenus

Source : Firstsiteguide

91. Calculators

Calculators are effective content that can help your audience take stock of many things. For example, you can help them calculate the cost of expenses for a project or trip. In fact, it all depends on market requirements and your creativity.

28 Calculatrices

Source : Firstsiteguide

92. Converters

Not all people use the same system of units. This is why creating this type of content can be useful, in that your customers can convert the different units (meter, inch, pound, ounce, etc.).

93. Syndications

It’s simply taking an article from your website and publishing it on another site. This can be a great way to increase your visibility. This is the case of Buffer, a company that allows its users to grow their audience on social platforms.

29 Syndications

She has curated her blog content for popular publications such as Fast Company and The Next Web.

94. Collaborations

Seeking help from other bloggers is not a humiliation or shame. Sometimes you can create articles by working with other experts in the field. You will see that your content would be even more original and unique.

It’s also a way to allow bloggers to help each other and tap into external knowledge. This way, you reach a wider audience from quality co-created content.

95. Marketing par e-mails

30 Marketing par e mails

Source : Daniloduchesnes

Whenever you have new things in store, you let your visitors know from their emails.

But first it is essential that you make a list of recipients to facilitate publication, which allows you to constantly reach your audience

96. Landing Pages

The landing pages are an effective way that helps you share the benefits of your products or services with your visitors.

31 Pages de destination

Source : Coschedule

This page may include some customer testimonials, case studies and statistics. This information that the landing page provides encourages your prospects to take action, that is to say, the purchase stage or the use of your products.

97. Best Rewards

Bloggers generally like to compete. Setting up award events to reward the best digital content will therefore promote your page.

Additionally, you can get a large audience and new customers. Here is an example content for better rewards.

32 Meilleures recompenses

98. Online games

Online games allow you to reach a remarkable audience because they are usually fun content.

99. Swag

Sometimes you need to show your gratitude to your customers and supporters. To do this, you send them fun gifts that will be useful to them with your company logo. This allows you to promote your brand and show recognition.

100. Social campaigns

Posting messages on social media allows businesses to pique the interest of their audience and get more engagement. If the goal of your campaign on social platforms is to make your website known, you will definitely have more traffic.

If you wish, you can have a social media posting schedule which will definitely help you increase your traffic by 192%.


Ultimately, web content is not simply limited to written material. Good content knows what the audience is looking for. It is best for marketers and business owners to use multiple content formats, whether visual or textual, to have quality content.

By diversifying your content, you are sure to obtain a fairly remarkable audience and develop the image of your brand.

With the 100 types of content presented in this article and the examples that follow, you can easily create captivating content that meets your objectives and the expectations of your customers.If this content was of great importance to you, give us your impressions in the “comment” section. You can also draw inspiration from 11 Content Marketing Examples to implement a good digital marketing strategy.

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