11 Content Marketing Examples for Inspiration

Content marketing is a useful way for businesses as well as marketers to build brand awareness and attract potential customers.

Thus, almost 91% of B2B companies that use it in their content marketing strategy claim that it is effective and also helps generate traffic.

But the most difficult part of carrying out a marketing strategy is developing a plan of action that can generate a good return on investment.

If you are considering putting together a competitive content marketing plan that will help you achieve greater returns, we have what you need.

In this article, I give you 11 examples of Content Marketing that you can draw inspiration from for your next marketing campaigns.

What is Content Marketing?

If web content is a form of information that allows a message to be transmitted to an online audience based on text, audio or video, content marketing is a strategy implemented to attract, engage and retain an audience .

It is a strategic investment that allows companies:

  • To get noticed online;
  • To be recognized by its customers;
  • To increase the prospect rate;
  • To generate more business for your business;
  • To propel sales to a higher level;
  • Etc.
1 Le content marketing

Source : ManeuverUp

In short, content marketing allows any business to increase its online presence while boosting sales to the next level. But for it to be beneficial, it must be executed well. This involves developing a good web content strategy.

Importance of content marketing in a digital marketing strategy

Regardless of the type of website (blogs, social networks, etc.) you use to make your business visible, content marketing must be included, because it plays a vital role in the success of any marketing strategy.

In other words, it is essential to include content marketing in any digital strategy, because it allows companies to connect their products with their prospects and improve their positioning in the SERP.

2 Les strategie du marketing de contenu

Source : MailChimp

Based on certain statistics on content marketing, it is verified that web content (text, visual, audio) is effective for marketing campaigns.

As an illustration, almost 60% of marketing experts use web content in their marketing campaigns, which allows them to obtain a positive return. Additionally, 67% of companies with blogs get more leads than other businesses.

However, implementing a marketing strategy requires time and focus, because you need to create original and relevant content that resonates with your target audience.

Although implementing a marketing strategy is a complex job, you should note that there are various ways to provide quality content to your audience.

Here are 11 stellar content marketing examples you can use as inspiration for your digital marketing strategy.

1. GaryVaynerchuk.com

GaryVaynerchuk.com is a website created by the famous Wine Library TV video blog host, Gary Vaynerchuk.

He is one of the founders of Vaynermedia, a digital marketing company that offers its services to the most well-known companies. It allows them to achieve positive business results for their brands.

On the Vaynerchuk website, numerous blog articles are published to capture the attention and curiosity of site visitors.

The information contained in these articles focuses on practical guides for the launch and success of new services and products.

3 Information pour captiver lattention

In addition to these guides, it covers other content that meets the various needs and expectations of Internet users.

With the visual content that is included in the site’s blog posts (images, videos, etc.), Vaynerchuk attracts prospects and encourages readers to convert into customers.

2. American Red Cross (#Doing My Part)

The American Red Cross has put together a toolkit of suggested texts and images to run campaigns on social media.

They are one of the big companies encouraging people to post their own photos on their social accounts doing things that can help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

But instead of posting images of themselves wearing a mask and washing their hands, Twitter users preferred to post creative messages for the Covid 19 campaign.

They combine his messages with images showing that they worked in contact centers. In addition, they tag their posts with the campaign hashtag (#Doing My Part).

4 Croix rouge

The Red Cross also encourages companies to personalize their publication by creating content that revolves around a current topic that attracts the attention of users. This can help them boost engagement and conversions.

3. Levi’s 7 Days 7 Ways

Levi Strauss is known by its nickname Levi’s, in collaboration with tailor Jacob Davis, they created and developed the jeans brand.

In an effort to provide people with durable, quality jeans, Levi’s asked its followers to style their Levi’s jeans with a different look for about a week.

With such a style, it is possible that they regularly wear jeans. Once they put them on, these users post images of their styles on the company page.

5 Levi Strauss

This motivates others who visit the site to purchase in order to achieve the look, which can easily increase the visibility of the brand and make it sustainable.

4. Hertz Travel Blog

Hertz is known as a company that handles the rental of branded cars. Its website is an added value for Internet users. Hertz blog helps most travelers or visitors plan their trips.

The articles published on this blog provide useful information on:

  • Vehicle rental services;
  • Tips for enjoying a stay at a hotel;
  • Etc. 
6 blog de Hertz

Additionally, the videos and content on this travel blog lead people to become more engaged and use their rental management service. Hertz ensures that visitors to its site share its content by putting a links button at the top of each of its articles.

With this link, readers have the opportunity to forward the information to their contacts, thus increasing awareness and expanding the company’s reach.

5. Starbucks SipSmileSpring

Starbucks is a company that has developed an interactive game that is played online on its SipSmileSpring Instagram account. The objective of setting up this game is to promote its new brand of spring drinks.

7 Starbucks

With this fun game where the principle consists of smiling at the right moment while monitoring the gameplay, Starbucks encourages its users to make posts and share videos on the brand page.

Furthermore, the campaign led by Starbucks on the new range of drinks to enjoy in spring was viewed at least 79,000 times in 48 hours after it was posted online.

This helped improve company awareness and increase engagement rates in a creative way.

6. Cracker Barrel Blog

Cracker Barrel is a company known when it comes to traditional cuisine. Its blog features a multitude of articles related to home cooking, clothing, and treats.

8 Blog de Cracker Barrel

Most people who come to her site are often looking for information on everything related to decorating, recipes and more.

Recipe and decorating posts actually contain links that take the reader to products they can use and where to purchase them.

Overall, the Cracker Barrel blog helps people find solutions to their concerns through interesting posts, which increases the company’s revenue.

7. Sunny Paige

Sunny Paige is a company that organizes live sessions (videos) from its store to present its new items such as clothing and accessories to the public.

9 Blog Sunny Paige

These videos are published on social networks, particularly on Facebook, to explain and give a precise and convincing answer on everything related to its articles, whether it is the price or the production materials.

All these aspects generate interest in its products and its store, strengthen trust between the company and its customers and motivate the latter to commit to purchasing the items.

8. Blog the Hubspot

10 Blog de Hubspot

Hubspot is a company that uses a long-form content marketing strategy that allows it to generate quite a bit of traffic. So, she makes posts, particularly videos on Facebook to increase the number of prospects.

Hubspot has also set up a news site, Inbound.org, for its users where they can post relevant content. This allows them to receive more than 8,3 millions visitors to their blog and often position themselves in the top Google search results.

So, if you want your business to dominate the search results, simply use a guest post strategy. You can easily control Internet users’ responses using an email tracking tool.

Email tracking is in fact a marketing tool that allows you to check the effectiveness of your communication actions by mail.

9. Kendra Scott

Kendra is a leader in women’s jewelry, home decor and cosmetics. She developed the Kendra Scott brand where she uses her product images to:

  • carry out marketing campaigns;
  • recommend the use of products;
  • identify the factors that make products unique and original;
  • help users create new looks;
  • Etc. 

In fact, with these images, you can easily understand the message conveyed without using text. This shows the importance of visual content (photos) in the success of a content marketing campaign.

10. Tasty 

Tasty is a website aimed at cooking specialists. On this site, people can find recipes and gain new knowledge about cooking. Tasty content is much more focused on videos showing the preparation of a dish.

11 Blog Tasty

These videos give all the details (ingredients, mixtures, cooking) on ​​recipes, which reduces any risk of misinterpretation of the instructions given for making the dish.

With a simple instructional video, Tasty’s advertising campaign guides its users on the techniques for making and succeeding in a recipe.

By seeing the quality of the video, they can share it with their own contacts. This increases the visibility rate of the company.

11. Rolex

Rolex is a company specializing in creating quality watches. Its Instagram-based content marketing strategy is simple, yet beneficial. It uses visual content such as attractive and relevant images to generate engagement.

This example of content marketing mainly emphasizes the importance of quality imagery in the success of a digital marketing strategy.

12 Blog

So, it is important that you use web content in your marketing strategies by drawing inspiration from how other companies have carried out their advertising campaigns.

However, don’t make the mistake of implementing the same project as these companies. The ideal is to come up with your own ideas in order to be original and keep Internet users on your site.


To generate traffic and increase your business’s conversion rate, content becomes a priority in your digital marketing strategy.

Implementing a content marketing strategy allows companies and marketers to obtain a good ranking on the Google search page and allows Internet users to have a better idea of ​​the brand.

With the content marketing examples presented in this article, you can easily develop your own content strategy to generate leads, increase sales and revenue.

After reading, don’t forget to share your impressions on the quality of this article in the comments. You can also check out the 40 Content Marketing Statistics that you absolutely must know.

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