40 Content Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

Passion provides purpose, but data drives decisions. Andy Dunn

We have always loved statistics and data because they greatly facilitate our decision-making. ✨

Between simply telling you that content marketing is important for your business and telling you that your company will gain 55% more traffic as well as 70% more leads by adapting this type of marketing, the choice as to The strongest argument is obvious.

Indeed, even if we “know” the importance of a strategy, it is always reassuring to have data that proves the effectiveness of the approach. Content marketing is no exception to the rule.

This is why I am showing you most of the important statistics concerning content marketing which will certainly help you in implementing a strategy specific to your business. ????

That said, let’s start with a quick definition of the concept:

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a set of processes and techniques which consists of making informative and instructive content available to a targeted audience.

This marketing strategy, adopted today by most companies or brands, aims to maintain communication with the audience by creating ultra-relevant and useful content.

Qu_est-ce que le content marketing

Source : Investisdigital  

This is why it is one of the best ways to:

  • Have a real impact on your target audience;
  • Attract new visitors to your website;
  • Develop the visibility and positioning of your website in Google search results;
  • Engage in communication with your audience and improve awareness of your brand;
  • Convert your visitors into leads to increase your sales.

So many reasons which demonstrate the importance of content marketing in the branding of a company.

But if you still have doubts about the effectiveness of content marketing, here are some statistics that will definitely change your mind.????

Statistics on overall Internet usage

There are more and more Internet users and the following statistics are proof of this:

1. 85% of the American population is connected daily (Pewresearch). 

According to data made public by Pew Research in March 2021, the connection rate of adults in the USA increased by 10% in January 2021, compared to the values ​​obtained in 2015.

We also note that 85% of the American population is connected daily, compared to only 7% who do not have access to the Internet.

Plus de 8-10 adultes se connectent au moins une fois par jour aux USA

When we extrapolate this measurement to other countries, we notice that there is a fairly large mass of the population who connect to the Internet daily.

Which means that most of the people who might need your services or products are present on the Internet.

Reason why you must put the necessary efforts into digital strategies to guarantee the success of your business.????

2. 44% of young people are continuously online (Pewresearch)

In America, 44% of young people aged 18 to 49 are permanently connected. As for adults aged 30 to 49, this figure is 42% compared to 22% for people aged 50 to 64, and only 8% for those over 65.

Environ trois americains sur dix vont en ligne presque constamment, mais ceci varie grandement

As you can see, the world is connected almost continuously. Which makes the web an essential means for companies that want to reach out to their audience.

3. The Internet brings together 59.5% of the world’s population (Statistics)

According to the report presented by Statista in January 2021, the digital world has more than 4.66 billion users, or 59.5% of the world population.

population numérique mondiale en janvier 2021

The Internet penetration rate has become very high around the world, especially in Northern Europe with a percentage of 96% of the population.

Given these figures, we can easily affirm that the Internet is becoming an indisputable support for society and more particularly the dissemination of information.????

As a business, you must optimize your digital marketing strategy as best as possible by adopting the most effective techniques including content marketing.

Statistics that prove your audience needs content

Creating content is definitely no easy feat, but it’s encouraging to know that your audience wants more content from you. If you had any doubts, you will certainly be amazed by the following statistics.

4. 68% of prospects spend a considerable amount of time searching for and reading information published by the brand or company in which they are interested (Demand Metric).

The innovation of the Internet with all the tools that accompany it has become assets for business communication, marketing and sales. More than half of the world’s inhabitants are connected to the Internet and looking for information.

When you manage to become a reference and establish a relationship of trust, people who are part of your audience and who are interested in your brand will regularly come back to you to consult your content.

Stat relatifs au temps et au contenu

If there are topics that are part of your area of ​​expertise and that interest them, they will tend to consult your content first before that offered by others.

5. 77% of Internet users read blogs at least once a day (Finances Online).

Do you have a blog on your site? Otherwise, you should think about creating one since a good portion of Internet users consult blog articles daily. This is a point on which you will be able to stand out from the competition and which will allow your audience to discover your existence.

6. 70% of people learn about a business through articles rather than advertising (Demand Metric)

It is impossible to question the effectiveness of advertisements in the quest for brand awareness and marketing objectives.

But it is important to realize that most Internet users discover the existence of companies through content, particularly articles.

stat relatifs aux personnes s_interessant aux articles

Which is completely normal when we know that 90 % of consumers do not trust advertisements (me too????).

7. 82% of consumers have a more positive opinion of a company after reading personalized content. (Demand Metric).

This figure shows that most customers want to be convinced before making a purchase. You must understand that the information included in your content represents a real brand that influences buyers’ decisions.

This is why you must always ensure the veracity, quality and above all the relevance of each content that you make available to your audience.

Additionally, don’t just focus on commercial content that shows the features of your products or services. But on informative and personalized content that addresses the various problems that your audience often encounters related to your area of ​​expertise.

If 8 out of 10 prospects want this type of content, you have to offer it to them. Don’t you think so ?

Statistics on content marketing adoption

Most companies are aware of the fact that Internet users regularly want to read content from them and of the place occupied by content marketing in meeting this need. This is why they commit to implementing strategies to get the most out of their content.

8. 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing (CMI).

Very early on, content marketing proved very effective in achieving digital objectives. The first people who quickly understood the approach were obviously B2B marketers.

This is why they tend to use it to best optimize the growth potential for their own online business. ????

Votre organisation utilise-t-elle le Content Marketing-

This is exactly what Content Marketing Institute (CMI) found in its study, the report of which reveals that 9 out of 10 B2B specialists have adopted a content marketing strategy.

And let’s face it, if so many B2B specialists invest resources to have such a strategy, it will simply mean that content marketing is an effective strategy. ????

9. 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing (CMI). 

Like B2B specialists, B2C specialists are also not on the leash when it comes to using this type of content-based marketing.

Votre organisation utilise-t-elle le content marketing -

This figure and the previous one show that the majority of marketing experts give enough importance to content marketing to use it in their strategies.

Conclusion : This is a proven technique that is relevant to use to optimize your digital marketing plan. ????✨

10. 64% of marketers want to know how to create scalable content strategies (Marketingcharts)

Let’s stick to the same logic on the adoption of content marketing. CMI conducted a study which allows us to have an idea of ​​the educational needs on content management among marketers.

It turns out that 64% of those surveyed want to learn how to develop a good content strategy that is capable of evolving according to needs, times, etc.

Les besoins éducatifs les plus importants des

This number is proof that to succeed with content marketing, you need a good strategy that evolves according to various factors. It is therefore not a question of creating content for the sake of creating it, but of basing the creation and distribution process on an effective strategy. Marketers understand this and want to apply it for their companies or brands.

11. B2B marketers spend approximately 26% of their total marketing budget on content creation (CMI).

Creating impactful and engaging content is one of the biggest concerns for B2B marketers. According to statistics from the Content Marketing Institute, companies that have a B2B marketing approach spend more than a quarter of their marketing budget on content creation.

Les plus performants en matière de marketing de contenu B2B 2018

This figure is enormous and reveals the importance of content marketing for an online business.✔

12. 37% of content marketing strategies developed by B2B marketing managers are documented according to data provided by Marketingprofs and CMI.

Many marketers have started developing a content marketing strategy. But CMI studies have shown that the majority of companies (67%) do not have a documented content marketing strategy:

Votre organisation dispose-t-elle d_une stratégie de marketing de contenu -

Having rich documentation is often the element that makes the difference between an effective strategy that works in the long term and one that fails.

Indeed, when you create and distribute content on impulse, you will have great difficulty evaluating their performance and optimizing them according to your objectives as well as the needs of your audience.

This explains the fact that most companies that succeed with content marketing have a well-documented and regularly optimized strategy.

13. 69% of B2B marketers who have the most success with content marketing have a documented strategy (CMI)

To ensure that a communications campaign is adequate, you must do planning tailored to the needs of your ideal customers and the objectives of your business.

All aspects of this planning should be put on paper to facilitate subsequent monitoring and optimizations. This also applies to content marketing and the CMI study proved that companies that do it are more successful compared to those that do not document their strategy.

Aperçu des meilleures performances de cette année en matière de marketing de contenu B2B

These different statistics show that there are more companies that have a content marketing strategy than those that do not.

This simply implies that it is a technique that provides concrete results and that if you have not yet adopted it, it might be time to get started.????

But to be as effective as possible, you must keep in mind that you must necessarily document your content strategy in order to be able to follow it and optimize it.

Statistics on the ROI of content marketing

Return on investment is all the statistical data that allows you to measure the performance of your various marketing actions on the market.

The following statistics prove how often content marketing is effective for positioning your business in the digital market.

14. 51% of B2C marketers measure the ROI of their content marketing strategy (CMI).

Only half of B2C marketers take ROI measurement into account. Among the 51% counted by the CMI, the most evaluated metrics are distributed as follows:

  • 81% regularly measure the conversion rate;
  • 80% track website traffic;
  • And 79% measure engagement rate.

Without good performance monitoring, it is generally difficult to detect flaws and optimize strategies. This statistic shows that few B2C professionals take on this exercise. Which can be an interesting point that you can focus on to get a step ahead of the competition.

15. 81% of B2B marketers have KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure the ROI of their content marketing strategy (CMI).

B2B marketers are much more focused on measuring their content marketing performance than B2C marketers (51%).

That said, most of them only focus on tracking their website traffic. At the same time, only 37% of B2B marketers track the rate of new lead acquisition.

This also shows that there is room and that if you push the analysis and monitoring of your performance a little further as well as that of your competitors, you will be able to discover opportunities that will make the difference.????

16. 47% of customers look for convincing information by consulting 3 to 5 pieces of content before taking an action (Profit Well).

The weight of the content appears to be a key element of customer attraction and retention. When you produce captivating content, talking about your customers’ needs and the best solutions to their problems, you have a great chance of impressing your visitors.

Rétention nette par rapport à la stratégie de contenu

Also, the content contributes to the development of brand awareness and the solidification of trust among customers due to the fact that they do not have a fixed period of validity and can stay on the site for as long as possible.

17. Businesses that embrace content marketing win 55% traffic and 70% more leads (Neoptimal).

The number of customers who look for information on products before making a purchase is very high, as we have seen so far.

Marketers who adopt content marketing receive many more visitors thanks to their positioning on different keywords in search engines. This naturally leads to more leads and more sales.

Traffic -Site web - leads

If you have few visitors to your website, look to develop or optimize your content marketing strategy. I can guarantee you that the results will appear soon.✨

18. 76% of companies consider content to be a key element of sales (Demand Metric et Seismic).

Through content published rhythmically and periodically on different communication channels, brands engage in communication with their audience.

This has the effect of establishing a climate of trust which leads people in this audience to make purchases. Given the commitment of the community created by the brand, new visitors or prospects will have an easier time making a purchase.

For example, Internet users will quickly find more credible a brand that manages to have thousands of subscribers on social networks with tons of comments and interactions with its community, compared to one that has almost no interaction with its audience. . Don’t you think?

19. 96% of top-performing marketers agree that content marketing has helped make their communication credible and build trust in their audience (CMI).

When you create quality content that is useful and provides solutions to the problems of people in your audience, you will naturally generate interactions (likes, comments and shares).

And as always, these interactions will build trust between you and the audience. This is exactly the observation that CMI made during this analysis on the importance of giving to the audience when creating content.

The results show that 9 out of 10 experts believe that content marketing is effective in ensuring that audiences see them as a credible source that they can trust.

96_ des spécialistes du marketing de contenu B2B les plus performants reconnaissent que leur public

This figure shows that it is important to take into account the interest of the target, their needs, and to direct the content accordingly.

And does your audience consider you a credible source? Otherwise, consider setting up a content strategy, which I can help you do. ????

Statistics on blog usage

Blogs are one of the most popular ways marketers distribute content. Let’s look at some statistics that demonstrate their effectiveness.

20. Bloggers represent 10% of the American population (Finances Online).

There are 31.7 million online bloggers in the USA in 2020 according to Finances Online. This value represents 10% of the American population. Blogging maintains its value and remains a very popular activity in the USA despite the expansion of social media pages.

21. Sites with a blog generate 97% more backlinks (Netoffensive).

It is much easier to create links to other websites through articles than through any other type of content on a website. This is why most of the backlinks that websites receive usually come from other websites’ blogs.

B2B marketers who use blogs gain 67% more leads than others. Blogs contribute to website SEO and allow your business to be visible to Internet users.

22. Blogs that post more than 11 times per month gain 3 times more traffic than those that post 1 or less (Hubspot).

Having a blog is a good decision, but you have to give it life and animate it as it should.

Your audience wants to read your content on a regular basis and if your publication frequency is too spaced out, you risk not having the impact you want.


So, don’t hesitate to publish as much content as possible, but always try to maintain the quality. Between 11 contents offering little value to Internet users and 1 very qualitative detailed guide, I prefer the last option.????

23. Compound articles generate approximately 38% of blog traffic (Hubspot).

In order to assess the scope of composite articles on blogs, Hubspot analyzed the traffic of 20 high-performing brand or company blogs. In the results obtained, composite articles represent 10% of publications, but provide approximately 38% of traffic.

Les articles composés représentent 10_ de tous les articles

As you publish composite articles on your blog, you will perform better than those who publish simple articles.

Content marketing statistics with images and infographics

Generally, we see on the web that content with images gets more shares and attracts more people. Here are some statistics that prove it:

24. 60% of businesses publish infographics for marketing and sales purposes (Forbes).

A New York-based communications agency called Infographic World conducted a survey on the consumption rate of infographics. The results of this survey show that 6 out of 10 companies use this content format to achieve their marketing objectives.

Internet users like to be presented with information or the effectiveness of a product they are about to buy in a fun and interesting way. And precisely, infographics have this ability which allows you to present the most complex data in a quite amusing way when the design is well thought out.✨

25. 74% of marketers use infographics to get their messages across on social media (Forbes).

Infographics are the type of image content that conveys the most information and allows the reader to better understand even the most complex messages in a few seconds.


The large number of marketers who have adopted this type of image content explains its importance and its popularity among visitors.

26. Visuals improve information assimilation and retention by 400% (Forbes).

The human brain tends to forget certain information after a few days. But according to the Forbes study, the human brain understands quickly and retains information better in a visual format than in text format.

Indeed, images have the specificity of marking our attention, especially when they are well presented, since we are visual beings. This explains the fact that we are able to memorize them better.

Conclusion: It is very important to favor the creation of image content to illustrate your different content. ✨

27. 84% of content marketers find the use of infographics very effective (Forbes).

Infographics have several marketing advantages, here are the 6 main ones:

  • Draw attention ;
  • Generates traffic;
  • Increases virality;
  • Boosts notoriety;
  • Improves SEO;
  • Strengthens loyalty.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that 49% of marketers consider visual content very important to content marketing strategy.

If you are not yet using this type of content, it may be time to think about including it in your content.

Video Content Marketing Statistics

Using videos is another visual content marketing strategy, other than images and infographics. Here are some statics that serve as proof:

28. The video represents 82% of all Internet traffic (Cisco)

As surprising as it may seem, videos take up almost all of the world’s Internet traffic. This undoubtedly shows Internet users’ enthusiasm for video content and there is nothing strange in the fact that brands are starting to use this content format:

Quel type de contenu souhaitez-vous voir de la part d_une marque ou d_une entreprise

Have you already started using videos in your content strategy? Otherwise, you are missing a real revolution or trend in the digital world.????

29. 69% of B2C marketers have increased the production of visual content such as video, live streaming, webinars (CMI). 

Speaking about the adoption rate of video content marketing, Content Marketing Institute notes that the creation of video content has seen a large increase in recent years, especially among B2C marketers.

Comment les spécialistes du marketing B2C ont-ils modifié leur utilisation des types-formats

Are you in the B2C sector? Don’t miss the visual content trend.

30. Video content generates 66% more leads per year (Optinmonster). 

Videos are very effective and are likely to quickly capture the attention of Internet users. Publishing video content promises many benefits to online businesses, such as a higher conversion rate.

Le marketing vidéo comme canal de génération de leads

These numbers explain the high rate of marketers who have adopted this strategy. If you have a relatively low conversion rate, consider video content. ????

31. Tutorial videos occupy second place with 50% when it comes to the most engaging content in Content marketing (Ascend 2).

Videos are some of the most popular informative and educational content among consumers. They have the power to influence the needs of potential customers.

In a ranking made by Ascend 2, tutorial video content takes 2nd place after customer testimonials for the most effective types of video content.

Efficacité des types de vidéos utilisés

It’s good to include videos in your content strategy, but you have to be careful to choose the types of content that allow you to achieve your marketing objectives.

Statistics on the effectiveness of interactive content

Interactive content marketing is a new approach that allows you to attract Internet users and encourage them to communicate with you. If you have no idea how important they are, here are some numbers to show their importance.

32. 46% of content marketing users opt for interactive content (CMI).

According to CMI research, less than half of marketers use interactive content:


While this type of content could be very effective according to 47% of people who use it:


As the study indicates, this type of content retains the audience’s attention more than static content such as texts, infographics, images, etc.

Given that few marketers (46%) use this type of content, wouldn’t this be an opportunity for you to stand out from the competition?????

33. 70% of marketers believe that interactive content is effective in converting website visitors into customers (Go Gulf).

More and more content marketers are embracing interactive content creation. This new technique for using content marketing is very popular and allows companies to directly engage in discussion with Internet users.

70_ des spécialistes du marketing affirment que le contenu interactif est efficace pour convertir

Interactive content encourages users to take an action, take a quiz or fill out a form. This ability to encourage users to take actions allows marketers to keep them on the site.

If you don’t have a good retention rate on your website, publishing interactive content on the right pages can help you change the situation.

34. 81% of marketers argue that interactive content attracts Internet users more than static content (Go Gulf). 

If your objective is to retain the attention of your visitors, it is relevant to turn to interactive content, as many marketers testify:

Le contenu interactif attirer l_attention plus efficacement que le contenu statique

With this type of content, you can expect to see the time spent on your website increase. Which is a very good signal that can encourage Google to improve the positioning of your website.

35. 88% of marketing content managers say that interactive content allows them to be effective and set their brands apart from their competitors (Go Gulf).

Many companies do not yet use interactive content. This is the main reason why it is a differentiator that you can use to stand out from the competition.

Contenu interactif efficace pour différencier une marque de la concurrence

According to the Go Gulf study, 9 out of 10 marketers agree that interactive content is very effective. This is definitely an important type of content to consider. ????

Statistics on the use of audio content and podcasts

Do you listen to podcasts or audio content? This is a fairly specific type of content that has regained popularity in recent years.

36. 41% of Internet users listen to Podcasts (Gwi).

Around 41% of internet users worldwide frequently listen to Podcasts in 2019. This is up from 37% the previous year (2018). Gwi’s study clearly showed that this is a content format that is regaining popularity.

If you don’t have an idea of ​​the next content format to add to your strategy, here is a solution to diversify and enrich your content marketing.

37. 55% of the American population listens to podcasts (Podcast Insight). 

Podcasts are becoming more and more viral and the number of listeners is no longer negligible. Podcasting has become a content marketing strategy to reach new audiences.

38. 28% of French people frequently listen to podcasts (Statesman).

In the ranking of countries that listen to the most podcasts in the world, South Korea leads the way with a podcast listener rate that exceeds half of the population.

Le podcast toujours vivant

France is in 8th place among the total podcast-loving countries with 28% of the population.

This figure shows that more than one in 4 French people listen to podcasts, which is more than 18 million people. This is a significant figure which shows that there is a large audience that already consumes this type of content.

39. 81% of downloaded podcasts are listened to (Médiamétrie).

Médiamétrie informs that the percentage of podcast listening worldwide in a month far exceeds the percentage of podcasts downloaded in that same month. This implies that the majority of people who listen to Podcast listen to it online.


Marketers who wish to launch into the creation of Podcast content must take this parameter into account and allow Internet users to have easy access to podcasts.

40. 69% of podcast fans said podcast ads helped them discover new products or services (Podcast Insight).

Marketers try to use all possible channels to introduce Internet users to new products or services. The same goes for podcasts, which also serve as an advertising channel for marketing professionals.

The production of informative audio content makes it possible to acquire a new category of consumers. Although Podcast content creation is not yet widespread around the world, a large portion of marketers have quickly realized its usefulness for their businesses. If you want to build awareness for your brand, this is definitely a content format to consider.????

In summary

With the incessant evolution of digital technology, the world is becoming more and more interconnected and now exchanges take place mainly on the Internet.

Which means that companies must use the various techniques and strategies linked to digital in order to develop their notoriety as well as their turnover.

One of these digital strategies is content marketing, which has come to the fore and offers many opportunities for companies that dare to use it. To help you see what this type of marketing can do for your business, I’ve tried to gather together a number of statistics from different sources, touching on some of its aspects.

Thanks to these figures, we can all agree that content marketing is necessary to gain visibility, traffic, conversion and to retain a brand’s audience.

Soon, I will come back to the different strategies that you can use to have effective content marketing.

For now, share with us in the comments the statistic that impacted you the most.✨

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