5 Benefits of Custom Content for Your Business

A report from HubSpot found that 80 % of marketers believe that content creation is a top priority. What if I told you that I don’t completely agree with these marketers?

Don’t think I’m crazy, let me show you in 30 seconds why it’s not enough to create content to succeed online.

Every day, some 4,4 millions new blog articles flood the Web, without these articles really providing value to Internet users.

Between you and me, who would want to buy from a company that publishes content that doesn’t help in a concrete way?????

According to a study by Custom Content Council, 61 % of consumers have a higher opinion of a company that provides personalized content.

In other words, people don’t just want answers, they want specific, informative content that speaks directly to them.

So yes, businesses need to create content, but they shouldn’t just limit themselves to publishing generic articles.

They must include in their content creation strategy the creation of personalized content to speak directly to their target audience in order to address their deepest problems.

And that’s not all, in this article I’ll show you the 5 main advantages of creating personalized content for your business.

So follow!

What exactly is personalized content?

If the customer is king in stores, on the web, content reigns and the only way to establish relationships with customers is to offer them unique content.

This is also what content marketing and personalized content have in common. While the first aims to seduce and attract new customers, the second is mainly intended for old customers.

In other words, the goal of content marketing is to attract customers to your site and improve your performance in the SERPs. But personalized content is how you can get customers to stay on your site.


Source : coder

This is because personalized content is specifically created to inform and engage your current audience. That said, it is written with a unique brand voice, that is to say consistent with the tone of your old content and with your distribution channels.

So, this type of content sets your business apart from the competition and communicates the value of your products or services. And as a business, it is this ability to stand out on the web that is your strength.????

It is obvious that several other companies offer your products and services online. By communicating differently and offering more value, prospects find you more authentic and are likely to be interested in your products or services.

This is what a study by Stackla demonstrates in 2021 where 88 % of consumers say authenticity is important when choosing a brand they love and support.

Personalized content seeks to strengthen your brand image and position your business as an industry expert, allowing you to create a strong base of loyal customers.

According to Adotas, “this (personalized) content reinforces the brand, communicates the value of the product or service and creates new opportunities. Personalized content is therefore the production of “branded content” for the company.

And, in many cases, personalized content is created so the business can communicate with past customers. »

Personalized content is more about retaining customers than attracting new ones. It can be distributed using several media, including:

  • Blog ;
  • Social media ;
  • E-mail ;
  • White papers;
  • Videos;
  • Webinars;
  • Etc.

Note that if the goal of personalized content is not to attract new customers, it also has the capacity to attract them, especially when it is distributed on the right channels.

Now that you know what it is, let’s see what personalized content can do for your business and your brand.????

Top 5 Benefits of Personalized Content for Business

The benefits of personalized content are linked to your online reputation, your SEO and your sales.

1. Personalized content builds your notoriety

Internet users are increasingly moving away from generic content that can be found everywhere.

Although this type of content sometimes helps attract new customers, Internet users look for more value online and prefer personalized content that speaks directly to them.

image 1

Source : bkacontent

As long as your content is generic, it is not perceived differently and Internet users do not understand what you can offer them more than others.

But when your company’s content is personalized, it shows both your customers and others that you know what to talk about.

For example, a shirt seller who advises you against wearing black clothing in hot weather, explaining to you that this color attracts the sun’s rays, will tend to bring you more value.

Whereas someone who simply touts the features and design of their product will appear more like a salesman.

Indeed, the first includes your problem, that is to say the heat period. He then suggests that you take something more suitable for this.

The exact same thing happens online and sites that speak directly to their customers and show that they understand the customer’s problem come across as experts.

And when you have your iPhone that is broken, you are not going to call a handyman, but a reputable repairer.

Internet users think the same way and prefer to refer to someone they consider an expert.

Additionally, high-quality, personalized content can rank highly when optimized well.

image 2

Source : headerbidding

The first sites in the SERPs have a significantly higher perceived value than the others. The first page gives some notoriety to your business and your brand.

This is even the reason why sites that appear on the first page get a significant increase in traffic.

2. Personalized content builds customer loyalty

The ideal for a website is not only to generate traffic, but also to encourage people to keep coming back.

With personalized content, your target audience comes back to your site to learn more after they discover you, especially when you provide them with added value and address their problems.

Realistically, why should they visit your site again if they can find what they want from search engines? ????

This is where personalized content comes in, it answers all the questions your audience may have about your products, services and industry. This way, you will very quickly become their favorite resource.

In fact, when you consistently give customers and subscribers what they want, they are much more likely to want to continue doing business with you.????

image 3

Source : neil patel

This is why personalized content works so well to retain customers.

As a business, you probably already know what loyalty can do for you. Reports suggest that businesses may see an increase in 25 % of their profits if there is a 5% increase in customer retention.

Imagine for a moment what could happen if you managed to retain 15% of your customers and subscribers simply using personalized content. ????

3. It helps you build confidence and authority

Naturally, people like to do business with people they trust, especially for online activities where there is no direct contact.

As an illustration, 59 % of shoppers prefer to buy from brands they trust, and 21% say they purchased a new product because it comes from a brand they like.

Given these statistics, it is no longer necessary to demonstrate the need to strengthen your credibility and the authority of your brand.

image 4

Source : researchgate

And this is where personalized content comes into play, because it allows you to first help users and familiarize them with your brand.

Note that it is not only users who appreciate the quality content that you offer them. Search engines also reward your site when you offer content that is authoritative, relevant and credible.

From then on, the authority of your domain increases and this contributes to the SEO of your site.

4. Content can lead to more sales

When you offer personalized content on your site that builds customer loyalty and strengthens users’ trust in your site, it is obvious that you will make more sales and make profits.????

Additionally, by placing calls to action in your blog posts, it can easily attract potential buyers to inquire about your products and services.

They are easy to implement, but can cause a significant change in your turnover.

image 5

Source : Coder

It’s easy to implement, but it can cause a sea change within your business when revenue skyrockets.

You can also use personalized content to remind your users how your specific offers can help improve their life or business.

5. It provides value to your customers beyond products and services

Having a company offer more than just products and services is always a good experience for users. Indeed, this shows that you are only looking to make a profit.

Customers also appreciate the valuable information and helpful readings provided by the companies.

It’s true that some customers just want to buy your product or service and never hear about it again. But many are looking for new ways to leverage your products and services to improve their lives.

How to create personalized content?

While content creation is a task that is within everyone’s reach, creating personalized, SEO-optimized content requires much more skill.

In general, you can create your content yourself or outsource it to someone more competent.

The first option is a lengthy process that answers the question of why your target audience engaged with your business and what they value about your brand.

I’ll let you discover this entire process in our guide to web writing.

The second way is to delegate the creation of custom content to a professional like our writing agency, Honadi.

It should be remembered that one of the main characteristics of personalized content is that it is unique and does not appear anywhere other than on your site. We ensure that we offer plagiarism-free content to everyone who uses our services.

We use the online verification tool Quetext to ensure that all the texts we deliver to you are 100% unique. Doubts ????? I show you in pictures the rate of plagiarism detected in this content that you are reading.

image 6

We can create highly qualified content for you, tailored to your customers, so they see the value you bring to them and your expertise in your sector.

We also take care of all elements of on-page SEO such as keywords and meta data to allow search engines to better rank your content. This will obviously save you advertising costs.

Whatever your preferred channels, we create tailored personalized content that will allow you to stand out online and retain your former customers.

In summary

At the end of this article, it is worth remembering that publishing personalized content has enormous benefits for your business. It has become the key to differentiating yourself on the web in the face of ever-growing online competition.

Personalized content strengthens brand authority and will allow you to retain your customers in order to generate regular revenue.

When written the right way, it also attracts new visitors and builds your domain’s authority with search engines.

Considering all of this, you now know that personalized content is a valuable asset that cannot be ignored in your content creation strategy.

If you don’t know where to start, you can start now by entrusting the creation of your personalized content to a team of professional web editors to meet your specific needs.

I hope this content has won you over, we also have a resource that shows you how to build customer loyalty.

See you soon !

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