10 Digital Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

In 2024, 80% of consumers research online before making a purchase in store. This statistic proves the major influence of digital on the customer purchasing journey, even offline. Here are 10 striking figures that demonstrate the impact of digital marketing.

1. In 2024, an estimated 2.14 billion people worldwide will shop online

According to a study relayed by LinkedIn, the number of online buyers will reach 2.14 billion in 2024. This is in fact more than the total population of China ! A colossal potential customer base for digital companies.

2. 90% of respondents believe that influencer marketing is effective

According to an analysis by Moz, the effectiveness of influencer marketing is unanimous among professionals. 90% of them consider this approach effective, a stable figure over the years which proves its value.

3. In 2024, 70% of marketers are heavily engaged in content marketing

As Ahrefs reveals, 7 out of 10 marketers are focusing on content in their digital strategy this year. Companies have understood: content is king in attracting and retaining their audiences.

4. Companies that rely on Inbound Marketing have a 62% lower customer acquisition cost

According to the Content Marketing Institute, Inbound Marketing can significantly reduce the cost of customer acquisition, by 62% on average. It’s a compelling argument for taking this content- and user-experience-driven approach.

5. 68% of the times someone buys online, it starts with a search on a search engine.

According to the CMI, more than two-thirds of online purchases begin with a search on Google or another search engine. Hence the crucial importance of natural referencing (SEO) to capture qualified prospects.

6. Social networks are the 2nd most used channel in Affiliate Marketing (18.7%)

Forbes tells us that social networks come just behind SEO (21.2%) in the channels favored by affiliate specialists. Their advantage: reaching large, ultra-engaged audiences.

7. TikTok expected to generate the best ROI for short-form videos in 2024

According to a study relayed by HubSpot, TikTok promises to be the most profitable platform for short video campaigns this year. Essential for targeting young people with impactful content.

8. 56% of marketers say personalized content boosts engagement

Ahrefs reveals that a majority of marketers see the positive impact of personalization on audience engagement. Adapting your content to the interests of your targets is the key to creating a close relationship.

9. 60% of marketers produce at least one piece of content per day

Another lesson from Ahrefs: 6 out of 10 marketers publish content daily. A sustained pace, essential to maintain the attention and commitment of your community over time.

10. For every $1 invested in influencer marketing, brands can expect an average ROI of $5.78

Finally, Forbes tells us that the average ROI of influencer marketing is $5.78. In other words, each dollar invested returns almost 6 times more. Proof that this approach, if well implemented, is very profitable.


Digital marketing continues to evolve, keeping pace with technological innovations and new consumer uses. To stay in the race, companies must be agile and experiment with new approaches, such as AI, augmented reality and conversational marketing. The challenge: to offer ever more fluid, personalized and engaging experiences, to stand out in the long term.

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