33 essential Twitter (X) statistics to know

Twitter, the instant social platform, goes far beyond its beginnings as a simple microblogging tool.

It is a vast space where opportunities, content sharing and various connections intersect.

Its statistics provide valuable insight into how it influences our user behaviors, emerging trends and information dissemination.

Let’s dive into the world of Twitter through its significant data to better understand its impact.

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Important Twitter Statistics

1. Twitter is became X July 23, 2023

Twitter est devenu X le 23 juillet 2023

On July 23, 2023, Elon Musk surprised the world by revealing that Twitter will adopt a new face under the code name “X” with a logo change. This unexpected decision raised questions about the future of the platform.

2. Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion

Elon musk a acheté twitter pour 44 milliards de dollars

A financial masterstroke: Elon Musk acquires Twitter for $44 billion. Beyond the colossal amount, this acquisition draws new perspectives for the platform, fueling speculation on how Musk could influence the future of Twitter.

3. Twitter currently counts 396.5 million users

Twitter compte actuellement 396,5 millions d'utilisateurs

A robust and vibrant Twitter community, currently numbering 396.5 million users. This statistic highlights the diversity of voices and perspectives present on the platform.

4. 206 millions users access Twitter daily

206 millions d'utilisaturs accedent quotidiennement à twitter

The statistic indicates that Twitter attracts a massive daily audience of 206 million active users. This highlights the continued reach of the platform, underscoring its central role in the daily lives of its users.

5. Twitter ranks 12e rang of the most popular social networks

Twitter se classe au 12e rang des réseaux sociaux les plus populaires

Being ranked 12th among the most popular social networks indicates Twitter’s enduring relevance in an ever-changing digital landscape, with an active and engaged community.

6. 10% of Twitter users are responsible for 92% of tweets

10 % des utilisateurs de Twitter sont responsables de 92 % des tweets

The considerable impact of 10% of users on generating 92% of tweets indicates significant momentum. These active contributors play a central role in content creation, influencing trends and the conversational landscape of the platform.

7. 48 % of users turn to Twitter for the latest news

48 % des utilisateurs se tournent vers Twitter pour obtenir les dernières nouvelles

The choice of 48% of Twitter users to use the platform as their primary source of news highlights its crucial role as an information channel. This suggests that Twitter has become an essential hub for the rapid dissemination and consumption of news in real time.

Twitter User Statistics

8. Twitter usage is growing 30 % faster than Instagram among Generation Z

L'utilisation de Twitter croît 30 % plus vite que celle d'Instagram parmi la génération Z

The 30% growth in Twitter usage among Gen Z, compared to that of Instagram, highlights the dynamism of Twitter as an attractive platform. Analyzing the reasons for this accelerated growth can provide insights into the specific needs and expectations of Generation Z when it comes to social media.

utilisation de la marche sur les reseaux sociaux

9. The UNITED STATES are the country with the largest number of Twitter users

Les États-Unis sont le pays qui compte le plus grand nombre d'utilisateurs de Twitter

The United States’ leadership in terms of users on Twitter suggests strong adoption of the platform in this country. This may be linked to factors such as the heavy use of social media in American culture and the dominance of Twitter as a source of information and public conversation.

  • United States: 77.75 million active users
  • Japan: 58.2 million active users
  • India: 24.45 million active users
  • Brazil: 19.05 million active users
  • United Kingdom: 19.05 million active users

10. Twitter users follow on average 405 accounts

Les utilisateurs de Twitter suivent en moyenne 405 comptes

The fact that the average user follows 405 accounts on Twitter indicates a significant level of activity and interaction. This may be related to the dynamic nature of Twitter as a platform focused on real-time information, prompting users to diversify their information sources and connections.

11. 62,9 % of Twitter users are men

62,9 % des utilisateurs de Twitter sont des hommes

The fact that 62.9% of Twitter users are male highlights the need for a deep understanding of demographics for marketing strategies. Brands can adapt their messages based on this male predominance to maximize their impact.

%hommes et femmes presents sur les plateformes

12. Twitter presents the largest gap between men and women across all social platforms

Twitter présente l'écart le plus important entre les hommes et les femmes de toutes les plateformes

The clear difference between men and women on Twitter highlights platform-specific dynamics. This can influence content trends, with implications for discussions and topics discussed. Marketers need to be aware of these nuances to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

ecart le plus important entre les hommes et les femmes de toutes les platefiormes sociales

13. Users aged 18 to 34 years old are those who Like Twitter the most, all generations combined

Les utilisateurs âgés de 18 à 34 ans sont ceux qui Likent le plus Twitter, toutes générations confondues

The craze among 18-34 year olds for the “Like” button on Twitter offers marketers a unique opportunity to strengthen the connection with this audience. By understanding the motivations behind this engagement, brands can refine their approach to drive deeper interaction.

14. The 25-34 years old are the most popular age group on Twitter worldwide

Les 25-34 ans sont la tranche d'âge la plus populaire sur Twitter dans le monde entier

The dominance of 25-34 year olds on Twitter indicates a platform particularly popular with young adults. Brands looking to make a meaningful connection with this audience must create content that is relevant and in line with their concerns.

Tranche d'age sur twitter

Twitter Usage Statistics

15. People pass on average 4.4 hours per month on Twitter

les gens passent en moyenne 4,4 heures par mois sur twitter

Twitter’s average of 4.4 hours per month highlights significant user engagement on the platform. Businesses can maximize their visibility by adapting their marketing strategies to match content consumption habits on this platform.

moyenne d'hures par mois passer sur twitter

16. At least 500 millions tweets are sent every day

Au moins 500 millions de tweets sont envoyés chaque jour

With a daily flow of more than 500 million tweets, Twitter remains an inexhaustible source of information and conversations. Businesses can leverage this dynamic to monitor trends, adapt campaigns in real time, and stay connected with their audiences.

17. American adults spend on average six minutes per day on Twitter

Les adultes américains passent en moyenne six minutes par jour sur Twitter

The six-minute daily engagement on Twitter among U.S. adults indicates rapid and frequent usage behavior. Businesses can adapt their content strategies to respond to this dynamic, favoring concise, attention-grabbing messages that capture attention in a limited amount of time.

18. You can post up to 2 400 tweets per day

Vous pouvez publier jusqu'à 2 400 tweets par jour

This suggests that the platform encourages dynamic and frequent communication. Individuals and brands can leverage this feature to maintain an active presence, promoting constant interaction with their audience.

19. 66% of tweeted links by leading accounts link to print, television or wire news sources

66% des liens tweetés par des comptes de premier plan renvoient à des sources d'information imprimée

Influential accounts’ preference for traditional news sources suggests a lingering trust in these established outlets. Businesses looking to reach these audiences can benefit from a visibility strategy in these traditional media channels to build credibility.

les comptes importants sur twitter sont baucoup plus susceptibles que ceux sur les sites de medias sociaux alternatifs d'orinter les lecteurs vrs des publications imprimées, des sources télévisées et filaires

20. Using videos in tweets increases engagement by up to 33 %

L'utilisation de vidéos dans les tweets augmente l'engagement jusqu'à 33 %

The positive impact of using video in tweets, with a potential 33% increase in engagement, highlights the growing importance of visual content. Brands can capitalize on this trend by incorporating impactful visual elements to maximize their reach and influence.

Twitter Statistics for Business

21. 82 % of B2B content marketers use Twitter

82 % des spécialistes du marketing de contenu B2B utilisent Twitter

Figures showing that 82% of B2B content marketers use Twitter highlight the platform’s crucial position in the marketing mix. Businesses can exploit this widespread preference by adapting their strategies to take full advantage of the benefits Twitter offers.

plateformes de medias sociaux organiques utilisées par les spécialistes du marketing de contenu b2b

22. 89 % of people use Twitter to find new products

89 % des gens utilisent Twitter pour trouver de nouveaux produits

The fact that 89% of users use Twitter to discover new products highlights the crucial role of the platform in the research and consumption process. This trend highlights the importance for companies to have a proactive presence on Twitter to present their products in an attractive way.

23. 50 % of people aged 16 to 24 use social media to research brands

50 % des personnes âgées de 16 à 24 ans utilisent les réseaux sociaux pour rechercher des marques

The fact that 50% of young people aged 16 to 24 use social networks to research brands highlights the importance of these platforms in the process of discovery and interaction. Brands must adapt to these behaviors by creating engaging content and fostering positive experiences.

24. 79 % of Twitter users follow brands

79 % des utilisateurs de Twitter suivent des marques

The active following of brands by 79% of Twitter users highlights the crucial importance of these platforms in modern marketing strategy. Businesses must capitalize on this interest by developing targeted campaigns, harnessing the power of storytelling and building lasting relationships.

25. 76 % of users say they bought something based on Twitter conversations

76 % des utilisateurs disent avoir acheté quelque chose sur la base de conversations sur Twitter

The influence of conversations on Twitter highlights the growing importance of the platform as a marketing channel. Brands must create persuasive content, engage in authentic discussions, and build trust to maximize their impact.

26. It is the #1 platform for interaction with the brands

 C'est la plateforme n° 1 pour l'interaction avec les marques

Twitter’s position as the leading platform for brand interaction highlights its central role in business-to-consumer communication.

27. Alone 43 % of marketers promote their business on Twitter

Seuls 43 % des spécialistes du marketing font la promotion de leur entreprise sur Twitter

This figure indicates that the majority of marketers are not leveraging Twitter’s full potential. To optimize their usage, marketers can focus on personalizing content, analyzing data to refine their strategies, and exploring advertising features to reach a wider audience.

temps passer par les utilisateurs

28. 28 % of marketers plan to use Twitter more

28% des spécialistes du marketing prevoient d'utiliser davantage twitter

With this portion of marketers looking to ramp up their presence on Twitter, it highlights the growing importance of this platform. Marketers can take advantage of this trend by exploring innovative approaches, such as impactful videos, live chats, and influencer partnerships to maximize their impact on Twitter.

29. Twitter generates a higher ROI of 40 % to that of other social channels

Twitter génère un retour sur investissement supérieur de 40 % à celui des autres canaux sociaux

Twitter stands out with this return on investment, highlighting its crucial role in the marketing mix. This effectiveness can arise from the conversational nature of the platform, providing brands with unique opportunities for interaction.

29. Brands have 2.3 times more likely to achieve their KPIs if their marketing is launched on Twitter

Les marques ont 2,3 fois plus de chances d'atteindre leurs indicateurs clés de performance si leur marketing est lancé sur twitter

The 2.3x increase in the probability of success for key metrics highlights Twitter’s exceptional effectiveness as a marketing channel. Brands can capitalize on this performance by developing strategic campaigns focused on interaction and virality. A focus on creating engaging content can also play a crucial role in achieving key objectives.

Twitter Advertising Statistics

30. Twitter Ads Can Reach 544,5 millions of people

Les publicités sur Twitter peuvent toucher 544,5 millions de personnes

With a reach of up to 544.5 million people, Twitter provides advertisers with a powerful platform to spread their messages. This statistic highlights the enormous potential audience that advertisements can reach, paving the way for expanded promotional opportunities and the creation of brand awareness at scale.

31. People pass 26 % more time watching ads on Twitter

Les gens passent 26 % plus de temps à regarder des publicités sur Twitter

The 26% increase in time spent viewing ads on Twitter compared to other platforms indicates that Twitter ads are capturing more user attention.

This feature can be a major asset for advertisers looking to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns by benefiting from longer exposure time.

32. Twitter Ads Reach 10,7 % of all Internet users

Les publicités sur Twitter touchent 10,7 % de l'ensemble des internautes

The fact that around 1 in 10 internet users are reached by ads on Twitter highlights the extensive reach of this advertising platform.

33. Twitter Ads Almost Touch thrice more men than women

Les publicités sur Twitter touchent presque trois fois plus d'hommes que de femmes

The disparity between the number of men and women reached by Twitter ads suggests ad targeting that could be tailored to male interests or consumer behaviors.

Advertisers can adjust their advertising strategies to better meet the expectations and preferences of this predominantly male audience.

In summary

In conclusion, statistics reveal that Twitter is transcending its initial role as a simple microblogging platform.

With millions of active users, a diversity of content and significant influence on global discussions, Twitter remains a key player.

Its data sheds light not only on current trends, but also on the growing importance of this platform in the digital landscape.

By continuing to explore and understand these statistics, we are better equipped to maximize our presence and impact in this dynamic social scene.

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