37 SEO Statistics You Absolutely Need to Know

Next to 48 % marketing experts have proven that organic search is the best way to get a return on investment.

Knowing that more than 80% of Internet users limit their search to the first page, it is therefore essential that you adopt a good SEO strategy for your site. Without it, you will struggle to optimize it and meet search engine requirements.

As we already know, statistics are figures that guide decision-making in a specific area.

That’s why I’ve compiled the most convincing SEO statistics that are sure to make you want to invest more in your SEO strategy.

What is SEO?

Do you have a website that generates little or almost no traffic? The solution to this is SEO.

Indeed, SEO meansSearch Engine Optimization, also called natural referencing. It allows a website to obtain quality traffic for free. Its main objective is to optimize a web page for more online visibility.

qu est que le SEO

In reality, natural referencing is based on three aspects, namely:

  • The semantics : Concerns the content of the site. It must be original, relevant, qualitative and in quantity to meet visitor expectations.
  • The popularity: This is netlinking. These are the external links that a site receives.
  • The technique : Based on the design of the site. In other words, it takes into account page loading, content structure, site state, title tags and meta descriptions.

With these three functions, you can easily optimize your website. This will allow you to be among the best results on Google and generate on average ¾ of web traffic.

In addition, natural referencing:

  • Brings visibility to a site;
  • Improves user experience;
  • Ensures a better conversion rate;
  • Ensures long-term traffic;
  • Etc. 

All this shows the usefulness of SEO in optimizing a page. But if you still doubt its importance, here are some figures that will probably change your mind.

Organic Search SEO Statistics

To get the first web pages with results, it is essential to invest in the performance of the organic search. This allows digital marketers:

  • To establish a good SEO strategy;
  • To understand the behavior of Internet users;
  • And get the most out of digital marketing.
quelques chiffres sur la recherche google 2020 2021

1. Organic search brings the best returns on investment of all marketing channels. This was proven by 49% of marketers. (Entrepreneur)

La recherche organique apporte les meilleurs retours sur linvestissement de tous les canaux marketi

2. The majority of traffic a website obtains, 53.3%, comes from organic search. (BrightEdge)

La grande partie du trafic quobtient un site web soit 533 proviennent de la recherche organique

3. Around 86.6% of internet users use Google for searches. Unlike the 6.7% who use Bing for their query. (Statesman, 2021)

Environ 866 des internautes utilisent Google pour les recherches. Contrairement aux 67 qui uti 1

4. Most Google users, 85%, find the best answers for their query (Backlinko, 2020).

La plupart des utilisateurs de Google soit 85 trouvent les meilleures reponses pour leur requete

5. More than half of site traffic, or 92.96%, comes from searches carried out on Google, Google Images And Google Maps. (Entrepreneur)

Plus de la moitie du trafic des sites soit 9296 proviennent des recherches menees sur Google Go

6. Search engines drive the majority of online queries. Thus, 68% of online experiences begin with the latter (BrightEdge).

Les moteurs de recherche sont a la base de la majorite des requetes en ligne. Ainsi 68 des

7. When it comes to site traffic, the top 10 results on a search page often compete on search engines. Seeing these aspects, the majority of searchers on Google do not try to go to the second page. Only 0.78% of Internet users go to this page to find an answer to their query (Backlinko, 2021).

8. The top five results presented on search engines receive approximately 67.6% clicks from visitors (Impact, 2020).

Les cinq premiers resultats presentes sur les moteurs de recherche recoivent environ 676 de clics

9. Websites that rank top on mobile have the potential to get 27.7% clicks on average. On computers, however, this click rate can go up to around 19.3%. (SEOClarity, 2021)

Les sites web qui se retrouvent en tete sur les mobiles ont la possibilite dobtenir 277 de clics 1

SEO Keyword Statistics

In the search market, most SEO campaigns start with keyword research. Below are some figures that show how Internet users conduct their searches on Google:

repartition mensuelle du volume de recherche de 1.9 milliard de requetes de recherche

 10. 92,42 % Keywords receive a maximum of 10 searches per month. (Ahrefs, 2021)

9242 des mots cles recoivent au plus 10 recherches par mois

11. Online queries, or 8%, are in the form of questions. (Moz)

les requetes en ligne soit 8 sont sous forme de questions

12. Knowing that site visitors are looking for an answer to a question, it is very likely that title tags in interrogative form have a 14.1% higher CTR than those in the affirmative format. note that the CTR is the proportion of Internet users who click or visit a web page. (Backlinko, 2019)

13. With the use of relevant keywords in web content, the average highest ranked page can easily end up in the top 10 search results. (Metadose, 2022)

Avec lusage des mots cles pertinents dans un contenu web la page moyenne la mieux classee peut fac

SEO statistics on web content

Quality blog content is the major pillar for SEO. It allows you to obtain interesting organic traffic on the site and find a solution to user concerns. The statistics that prove this are as follows:

14. The blogging companies have enough visitors to their site. They get on average 55% of Internet users on their site. (HubSpot)

Les entreprises de blogging ont assez de visiteurs sur leur site. Elles obtiennent en moyenne 55 d

15. Although the word count of a piece of content really does not affect the ranking of your site, Google contains at least on the first page 1,447 words. (Metadose, 2022) 

Bien que le nombre de mots dun contenu naffecte vraiment pas le classement de votre site Google c 2

16. Search engines allow content sites to get three times more organic traffic than social media.

Les moteurs de recherche permettent aux sites de contenu dobtenir trois fois plus de trafic organiq

17. The Google search engine tends to rewrite the meta description of articles which is generally found on the first page. As it captures the search intent, it tries to modify the meta description to suit the user’s query. And this is done in more than 62.78% cases of content. So, don’t be surprised if you notice that your post’s meta description has been changed. (Ahrefs, 2020)

18. On average, 23% of Internet users implement the automatic suggestions feature to complete their Google search (Backlinko, 2020).

En moyenne 23 des internautes mettent en application la fonctionnalite de suggestions automatique
google reecrit les meta descriptions dans 62.78 des cas

SEO statistics on page speed and ranking

The loading time of a page is important for Internet users and the ranking of the site. The figures that support this assertion are as follows:

19. When the loading time of a page exceeds five seconds, it is possible that the site visitor abandons this search page, especially if the latter searches on a mobile. So, the probability that this visitor will go to another search site is 123%. (Google, 2017)

20. The loading time of a page motivates or demotivates if possible the customer who needs the services of an online retailer. This has been proven by over 70% of consumers. (Unbounce, 2019)

Le temps de chargement dune page motive ou demotive si possible le client qui a besoin des services

21. More than half of web pages, or 90.63%, do not receive organic traffic on Google (Ahrefs).

90.63 des pages ne recoivent aucun trafic de recherche organique de google 1

22. In fact, it’s easy to keep users on a site with Core Web Vitals from Google, which allows you to:

  • Measure the quality of Internet users’ experience on a website;
  • Check the positioning of pages on search engines;
  • And optimize the content of the site.

23. Sites that load slowly, such as in 19 seconds, have average sessions that are significantly lower than pages that load in five seconds.

Furthermore, be aware that the duration of loading a site takes eight seconds at most. Otherwise, visitors abandon the site for another (Think with Google, 2016).

In fact, 46% of mobile searches people do have local intent. (SocialMediaToday, 2019)

Local SEO Statistics

The local SEO allows you to have an idea of ​​the individuals who need immediate services in their locality.

When a local business manages to address the concerns of its customers, it can easily generate traffic and optimize its website.regional sales. The SEO data presented in this part of the article shows the usefulness of a good local SEO.

Des experiences mobiles opportunes et utiles ne conduisent pas seulement

24. In fact, 46% of mobile searches people do have local intent. (SocialMediaToday, 2019)

En fait 46 des recherches mobiles effectuees par les internautes ont une intention locale 1

25. Nearly 45% of shoppers make their purchase online and pick up their items in-store. (Think With Google, 2019)

Pres de 45 des acheteurs font leur achat en ligne et prennent leurs articles en magasin

26. Based on studies carried out by Think With Google, nearly 30% of searches on mobile devices are location-related. (Local SEO, 2019)

En nous basant sur les etudes menees par Think With Google pres de 30 des recherches

27. Out of a 100% sample, about 53% of smartphone users search for local stores. (Think With Google)

Sur un echantillonnage de 100 environ 53 des utilisateurs de smartphones sont a la recherche de

28. Online services marketing experts should develop a customer review management strategy. This can allow companies to hire the best in the local review ranking. Otherwise, consumers will find it difficult to request services from these companies. This is the case for 57% of consumers. (BrightLocal, 2022)

29. When consumers search for businesses that are in their locality for a service, it is because they are close to the purchasing stage. This has been proven by customers where 28% of the searches they did nearby on a product resulted in their purchase. (Local SEO, 2019)

Voice Search SEO Statistics

Searching on Google is sometimes done by voice. Here are some statistics that show the current situation of voice assistants in Internet users’ search:

30. Voice search has a maximum of 29 words. (Backlinko)

La recherche vocale comporte 29 mots au

31. Around 48% of consumers prefer voice search. (Search Engine Land)

Environ 48 des consommateurs preferent la recherche vocale

32. Most search responses, i.e. 40.7%, carried out by Internet users come from featured snippets, a box which is at the top of the first results and offers a precise answer to Internet users’ searches. (Backlinko)

Source : Metadose

Que recherchent les gens

33. Websites that have a link authority a little higher are generally positioned in voice search. Thus, the result domain is 76.8%. (Backlinko)

Les sites web qui ont une autorite de lien un peu plus elevee se positionnent generalement dans la r

34. More than half of people who need home business services, 55%, tend to do their own research before contacting business owners. From their research, they have a precise idea of ​​the ideal company for their service. It is then obvious that the ranking of a site in the SERP is important for the company which wishes to increase its online visibility. (LSA)

Latest trends in the world of SEO

Let’s finalize this article on new trends that you must know to ensure the SEO of your site. Taking into account the information taken from the site theentrepreneurinyou, we had this data below:

35. In 2022, the distribution of search engine traffic on mobile devices looks like this:

  • Google 67,06 % ;
  • Bing 20,21 % ;
  • Yahoo 3,02 % ;
  •  Baidu 3,94 % ;
  •  And Yandex 4.99%.

36. According to research carried out by the American agency ComScore, it is likely that in the coming years, half of all queries, or 50%, will be voice searches.

Dapres les recherches menees par lagence americaine ComScore il est probable que dans les annees

37. In 2025, nearly 73% of Internet users will only have access to the Internet from their mobiles.

En 2025 pres de 73 des internautes auront uniquement acces a internet a partir de leurs mobiles

The Google search engine updates its algorithm more than 500 times in a year.

So, it is important that you are regularly connected to follow new trends in the world of SEO.

In summary

Natural referencing is an effective way that allows you to be up to par in the SERP. With a good SEO strategy, it is very likely that you will be perceptible to your potential customers on the Internet.

With these statistics that I have presented to you, you can see that natural referencing is not something to trivialize if you wish to optimize your website and gain visibility.

So, if these figures discussed in this article interested you, share your opinions with us in the comments.

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