10 Best AI Tools for Creating Presentations

If you think creating presentations is a tedious task, prepare to change your mind.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is now possible to efficiently create high-quality slides in just a few minutes.

I guide you through the 10 best AI tools that will transform the way you communicate your ideas. They will make your presentations unforgettable!

1. Slidesgo

jpeg optimizer slides go

Slidesgo offers an innovative feature for creating presentations: the AI-powered presentation maker.

This tool allows you to quickly generate personalized slideshows, tailored to the user’s specific needs.

Slidesgo features

  • Quick creation of presentations : In just a few clicks, the user can obtain a slideshow tailored to their needs, which is particularly useful when faced with a lack of inspiration or time constraints.
  • Personalization : The user has the option to choose the theme, tone and style of the presentation. The AI ​​then takes care of generating the content based on these parameters.

The advantages of Slidesgo

  • Free: One of the most attractive features of this tool is that it is freemium, making the creation of professional presentations accessible to everyone.
  • Time saving: The ability to generate presentations in minutes saves considerable time, especially in situations where deadlines are tight.
  • Ease of use : The intuitive interface and ease of customization make this tool accessible to even users with less experience in presentation design.

The disadvantages of Slidesgo

Here is some potential limitations based on the nature of the tool:

  • Limited customization : Despite the customization options, the results can be somewhat generic compared to a presentation designed entirely by a human.
  • AI addiction : Excessive use of this tool could limit personal creativity by relying too much on AI-generated suggestions.

Slidesgo pricing

Slidesgo’s AI-powered presentation creation tool is offered for free.

However, Slidesgo also offers Premium Memberships for those who want access to thousands of unique, editable templates without ads.

Pricing for Premium subscriptions is tailored to different users. For a classic user, the subscription is €19.99 per year.

However, for students, schools, teachers, NGOs and other educational establishments, the price is €11.99 per year. This provides unlimited access to over 15,000 Premium resources and templates.

Slidesgo offers a convenient and accessible solution for quickly creating personalized slideshows.

While there may be limitations in terms of deep customization, the time-saving and ease-of-use benefits make it a valuable tool for those looking to create professional presentations effortlessly.

2. Beautiful.ai 


Beautiful.ai is presentation software that uses artificial intelligence to transform the slide creation process, making it faster, more intuitive, and more visually appealing.

Features of Beautiful.ai

  • Smart templates : Beautiful.ai offers a wide range of slide templates that intelligently adapt to added content, making it easy to create professional presentations without design effort.
  • Automatic adaptation: The tool automatically adjusts the layout, text size and image alignment according to the rules of good design, which ensures an aesthetically consistent presentation.
  • Team collaboration : With the Teams plan, Beautiful.ai allows for easy collaboration, offering features like a shared slide library, universal updates, and full branding control.

The benefits of Beautiful.ai

  • Considerable time saving : Users report a significant reduction in the time spent designing presentations, thanks to the automation of the design and the intuitiveness of the tool.
  • Effortless professional presentations : Even without design experience, users can create engaging and effective slides, like working alongside a designer.
  • Ease of use : Beautiful.ai’s user interface and user experience are highly praised for their simplicity and efficiency, making it possible to create slick presentations in just a few steps.

Disadvantages of Beautiful.ai

  • Lack of flexibility : Some users find that the tool does not allow enough customization, especially when they want to fine-tune the layout or design elements.
  • Resource consumption : It has been reported that Beautiful.ai can be intensive on system resources, which may cause slowdowns on less powerful devices.

Slidesgo pricing

Beautiful.ai offers several pricing plans:

  • Pro : At $15 per month, this plan is aimed at individuals and includes features like PowerPoint export, unlimited slides, version history, and viewer analytics.
  • Team : At $46 per user per month, this plan is designed for team collaboration and adds features like a centralized slide library and a custom business theme.
  • Enterprise : For advanced security, support and control needs, the Enterprise plan is available upon request.

Beautiful.ai stands out as a powerful tool for creating presentations, offering an AI-driven approach to slide design.

Despite limits in flexibility and performance, benefits such as time savings, ease of use and professional quality of presentations make this tool ideal for professionals and teams wishing to improve their creation of presentations.

3. Simplified  

jpeg optimizer simplified 1

Simplified is positioned as a versatile tool for creating marketing content, including designing presentations.

With its artificial intelligence capabilities, Simplified offers an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to write, design, edit videos and manage social media.

Simplified features

  • Content generation with AI: Simplified offers over 70 AI-assisted writing templates, supporting various tones and over 14 languages, with a built-in plagiarism checker.
  • Creation of professional and on-brand presentations: The tool allows you to generate attractive presentations without spending hours on design.
  • AI Image Generator: Uses text prompts to create images and art via Dall-E or Diffusion, enriching presentations with engaging visual content.
  • Graphic design tools: Simplified makes it easy to create social media graphics, eye-catching thumbnails, customizable SVG wave patterns, and mesh gradients to enhance the aesthetics of presentations.

The benefits of Simplified

  • Ease of use:Simplified is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to simply choose their output language and tone, complete a prompt, and generate content.
  • Versatility: The tool is suitable for a wide range of marketing content, including technical and healthcare writing, making it useful for various industries.
  • Free AI writing tool: Simplified offers free access to its high-quality AI writing tool, which is a great benefit for budget-conscious users.

The disadvantages of Simplified

  • Specialization in marketing: While this may be a benefit for some, users looking for a tool dedicated solely to creating presentations might find Simplified too general.
  • AI Addiction: The quality of generated content may vary based on user-provided prompts, potentially requiring manual adjustments.

Simplified pricing

  • Pro : At $9/month, this plan has 100 AI generations/month; 50 work plans per project; 200 background deletions/month; a branded kit and 200 GB of storage.

 It includes AI generative fill, AI background removal, AI background replacement, AI image optimization, and guest collaboration.

This plan offers the ability to generate AI texts in images, AI presentations, AI memes, AI carousels, and many other features using AI.

  • Enterprise : At $18/month you get 250 AI builds/month, Advanced AI build with DALL-E, 50 artboards per project, 1 branding kit, 1000 background deletions/month, 2TB storage .

You have the ability to manage your teamwork processes and collaborate with guests.

Thissubscription gives you the ability to create AI text to images, AI presentations, AI meme generator, AI carousel creator, and much more.

You can design with AI: AI generative fill, AI background removal, AI background replacement, AI image enhancer, etc.

  • Freemium : This AI writing tool is also available for free, suggesting the existence of a freemium model with basic features available at no cost.

Simplified presents itself as a robust and versatile solution for creating AI-enriched presentations.

With its user-friendly interface, its partial freeness and its variety of features, this tool appeals to contemporary marketing teams.

However, users looking for a tool dedicated exclusively to creating presentations might need to explore other options in parallel to meet specific needs.

4. Sending steps

jpeg optimizer sendsteps

Sending steps is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered presentation creation tool that simplifies and accelerates the creation of interactive, visually engaging presentations, ideal for modern marketing teams.

This tool offers a variety of features intended to improve audience engagement and facilitate effective communication, whether in an educational, professional or event context.

Sendsteps features

  • Automated Presentation Creation : Sendsteps allows you to create presentations by simply specifying the topic, language, target audience, title and length of the presentation.

The tool then takes care of generating the design, content, images and interactive elements, including speaker notes.

  • Interactivity : The tool integrates interactive activities such as live polls, quizzes and surveys to promote audience engagement and make messages easier to understand.
  • Time saving : Presentation creation is greatly accelerated, from several hours to just a minute, allowing users to focus on other important tasks.
  • Personalization : Although Sendsteps automatically generates presentations, it also offers the ability to customize presentations to match the user’s brand identity.
  • Multilingual Support : Sendsteps supports creating presentations in 86 different languages, making it accessible to many users around the world.

The benefits of Simplified

  • Time saving : The ability to quickly create presentations allows users to spend more time preparing their speech or other important tasks.
  • Public Engagement: Audience Engagement: Interactive features promote active audience involvement, thereby improving understanding and retention of information.
  • Ease of use : Sendsteps is designed to be intuitive and requires no technical or design skills to create professional presentations.

The disadvantages of Simplified 

  • Lack of original creativity: Although Sendsteps makes creating presentations easy, it can lack the originality and personal touch that a human designer could provide.
  • Personalization Limitations : Despite the customization options, some presentations may require advanced design skills or specific adjustments that the tool cannot provide.

The tarification de Simplified

  • Beginner : At $9.99/month, which includes basic features, integration options, different types of surveys, advanced options, the ability to customize the branded presentation in PowerPoint, and customer support.
  • Pro : At $23.99/month, which includes unlimited features…
  • Business : For advanced security, support and control needs, the Enterprise plan is available upon request.

Sendsteps offers a powerful, easy-to-use solution for AI-assisted presentation creation, with interactive features that can improve audience engagement.

5. Canva

jpeg optimizer canva

Canva is an online graphic design platform that simplifies the creation of presentations, slideshows and various visual content.

With its user-friendly interface and wide range of templates, Canva has become a tool loved by design experts and enthusiasts.

Here’s a detailed description of Canva, with a focus on the Pro pricing tier.

Canva features

  • Presentation templates : Canva Pro offers over 610,000 ready-to-use presentation templates, allowing users to create professional presentations effortlessly.
  • Media Library : More than 100 million visual and audio resources available to enrich your presentations.
  • Design tools : You have access to advanced features such as background eraser, automatic image resizing and new animations.
  • Storage : 1 TB of storage to save and organize presentations and other creations.
  • Brand Kit : Allows you to personalize and maintain brand consistency across all presentations with color palettes, logos, and dedicated fonts.

The benefits of Canva

  • Ease of use : Canva Pro is designed to be intuitive, allowing anyone to create professional presentations without advanced technical knowledge.
  • Time saving : The wide selection of templates and ease of customization make it quick to create engaging presentations.
  • Flexibility : With Canva Pro, users can work on their projects from any device, thanks to online saving.
  • Branding: The Brand Kit helps businesses maintain a consistent brand image across all their presentations.

The disadvantages of Canva

  • Cost : Although Canva offers a free version, Canva Pro, with its advanced features, comes with a monthly subscription which may be considered high for some users.
  • Creative limitations : Although Canva offers a wide range of templates, some users might perceive limitations in customization options compared to more sophisticated design software.

Canva pricing

Canva’s Pro pricing tier starts at $12.99 per month when billed monthly, or $119.99 per year when billed annually.

This pricing includes access to all the advanced features mentioned above, as well as the option to try Canva Pro free for 30 days.

While its cost may be a drawback for some, the benefits in terms of time savings, ease of use, and flexibility make it a popular choice for professionals and businesses of all sizes.

6. Tome

image 4

Tome is a presentation creation app that leverages artificial intelligence to convert text into visual, interactive narratives.

It is designed to simplify and optimize the production of interactive documents, such as presentations, reports and one-pagers, by emphasizing the layout.

Here’s a detailed description of Tome, including its features, pros, cons, and pricing.

Tome’s features

  • Automatic content generation: Tome automatically creates narration from your text and generates corresponding images to illuminate your point.
  • Interactive experiences : It allows you to integrate interactive prototypes, 3D elements, videos and web content to make presentations more captivating.
  • Responsive themes and layouts : Tome offers smart themes and responsive layouts that dynamically adjust to any device.
  • Integrations : It is possible to integrate content from Figma, Airtable or other web sources directly into presentations.
  • Personalization: Users have the ability to customize the colors, fonts, and layouts of their presentation to reflect their brand identity or personal style.

The advantages of Tome

  • Collaboration with AI : Tome functions as a collaborative partner, offering multiple options and allowing for real-time adjustments.
  • Ease of use : The user interface is user-friendly and allows for quick creation with simple controls and drag-and-drop.
  • Adaptability: Presentations created with Tome are designed to be visually appealing on any screen.
  • Time saving : Tome can quickly turn ideas into complete presentations, which is a significant advantage for professionals.

The disadvantages of Tome

  • Quality of illustrations : The quality of AI-generated illustrations may not match those produced by other tools or by design professionals.
  • AI addiction : Although AI can facilitate creation, it can limit personal creativity if too much reliance is placed on it.

Tome pricing

Tome offers a free trial period with 500 credits, which allows you to test the tool and explore all the available features.

For users looking for advanced features or more intensive use, Tome offers paid subscriptions.

Tome is an AI-powered presentation creation tool that stands out for its ability to transform text into rich, interactive visual presentations.

It is suitable for a variety of professional users looking to produce documents in a regular and engaging manner.

However, for more specific and creative design needs, additional human skills may be required.

7. Storydoc 

image 5

Storydoc is an innovative presentation creation platform that uses artificial intelligence to transform static documents into interactive and engaging experiences.

It is developed to support professionals in their presentations, engagement and success more effectively.

Storydoc features

  • Powerful integrations : Storydoc makes it easy to connect your calendar, CRM, lead capture forms, live chat, social channels, and more to enrich your presentations.
  • Automatically adjustable designs : The design of the slides automatically adjusts to ensure optimal presentation on all devices.
  • Interactive and actionable documents : Storydocs transform presentations into effective growth tools thanks to their interactivity.
  • Easy creation : With Storydoc, just enter what you need and let the AI ​​do the magic for you, simplifying the creation process.

The advantages of Storydoc

  • Increased engagement : Interactive presentations created with Storydoc increase engagement and help you stand out.
  • Ease of use : Storydoc is designed to be intuitive, allowing for rapid creation without coding or design skills.
  • Security : Storydoc takes data security very seriously, with encrypted connections and strict compliance with security policies.
  • Personalization : The platform offers a wide range of business slides that can be easily and quickly adapted to your vision.

Disadvantages of Storydoc

  • AI addiction : Although AI makes creation easier, it can sometimes limit personalization and individual creativity.
  • Loss of interactivity in printed versions : A printed Storydoc loses all of its interactivity, which is a key element of its charm and ability to engage.

Storydoc pricing

Storydoc offers three pricing plans: Starter, Pro and Teams, suitable for various needs and budgets, with a 14-day free trial to test the platform.

Also this offer allows you to keep all the presentations created during the trial for free.

Starter : At $30/month, this type of subscription offers us 10 live links per story; unlimited traffic to your link; an AI slide wizard; a free library of professionally designed templates; presentation analysis.

Additionally, you have up to 3 live presentation templates; up to 20 slides per story; a free gallery of premium images, videos and icons; unlimited content integrations and intelligent version control.

Pro : At $45/month, in this plan you have access to unlimited live slides and templates; professional features and templates; and you can personalize your marking.

Also, you have the option to export to PDF format. There are extensive AI tokens and unlimited logo search queries; personalization with dynamic variables; create mass presentations; analytics integrations; Floor access control

Teams : A complete solution for large-scale teams. Here there are custom designs by their studio; a custom subdomain; CRM integrations.

Apart from that, there is a possibility of building and training teams; custom data and media variables; Smart Team roles and permissions.

This plan is quite comprehensive because in addition to other opportunities; There is :

  • Secure SSO (SAML);
  • Dworkshop design services ; 
  • INne personalized generative AI ;
  • Deck automation; 
  • And API access.

This plan is from 10 team places.

Storydoc stands out as an AI-powered presentation creation tool, offering interactive features and ease of use that can radically transform the way information is presented and perceived.

Despite the reliance on AI and loss of interactivity in print, its engagement and personalization benefits make it a solid choice for professionals seeking an effective presentation tool.

8. Vision

jpeg optimizer visme

Visme is an online platform that facilitates the creation of presentations, infographics, animations and other interactive visual content.

It is developed to help users to visually convey their ideas more effectively.

Visme features

  • Wide range of models : Visme offers a variety of pre-designed templates for presentations, infographics, documents and videos.
  • Interactive design tools : Users can embed videos, links, surveys and forms to make their presentations more interactive.
  • Advanced customization : With Visme, it is possible to customize colors, fonts and images to align with the brand identity.
  • Analytic : Visme provides analytics tools to track presentation engagement and performance.

The advantages of Visme

  • Ease of use : Visme’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for beginners and professionals to create engaging visual content.
  • Versatility : Visme is suitable for a wide range of needs, from business presentations to educational infographics.
  • Collaboration : Teams can work together on projects in real time, promoting collaboration and project coherence.

Disadvantages of Visme

Limitations of the free version : Despite the availability of a free plan on Visme, some advanced features are exclusively offered in the paid versions.

Learning curve : Users may require some adjustment time to explore all the features and customization possibilities offered.

Visme pricing

Visme offers various pricing plans to suit the varied needs of users.

  • Basic (Free) : Offers limited access to templates and design tools, with 100 MB of storage.
  • Personal : Starting at $12.25/month, this plan includes more templates, download options and 250 MB of storage.
  • Business : Starting at $24.75 per user per month, this plan offers advanced features such as Brand Kit, analytics, integrations and 10 GB of storage.
  • Enterprise : A personalized plan suitable for large organizations, offering advanced security features, training and dedicated support to promote team collaboration.

Plans for educators and students, as well as nonprofits, receive special pricing.

Visme is a versatile and powerful tool for creating presentations and other interactive visual content.

Its ease of use, combined with a wide range of features, makes it a popular choice among professionals. It is also a popular choice for teams seeking to improve their visual communication.

 The different pricing options allow users to choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget.

9. Gamma

jpeg optimizer gamma

Gamma is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that makes it easy to create engaging presentations, documents, and web pages.

It stands out for its ability to automatically generate content from simple textual instructions, making the creation process faster and more intuitive.

Gamma features

  • Automatic content generation : Gamma uses AI to create presentations from notes or ideas, automatically adding relevant text and images.
  • Personalization : The tool offers customization possibilities without the need for coding, providing users with the ease of easily modifying the design and content.
  • Integrations : Gamma offers the possibility of incorporating external elements such as websites, GIFs, videos and graphics, thus increasing the interactivity of presentations.
  • Presentation methods : Users can choose between a live presentation or a web page, and nested cards make it easy to explore details while sharing ideas.

The advantages of Gamma

  • Intuitive user interface : Gamma is designed for ease of use, with a user-friendly interface that makes designing presentations easy.
  • Versatility:Versatile, the tool is suitable for different sectors such as education, marketing and consulting, making it a wise investment for many businesses.
  • Collaboration : Gamma is collaborative, allowing multiple users to work together on editing presentations.

Disadvantages of Gamma

  • AI Addiction : While AI makes creation easier, it can sometimes limit personalization and creativity if users don’t take the time to further personalize their presentations.
  • Quality of generated illustrations : Automatically generated images and content may not always match expectations perfectly and may require adjustments.

Gamma pricing

Gamma offers a simple pricing model:

  • Personnel : With $8 per user/month, you have 400 credits per month and you can Remove the “Made with Gamma” badge; export a PDF; export a PPT. You also have a 30-day change history and unlimited folders.
  • Pro : $15 per user/month.

This plan includes unlimited AI creation; advanced AI models; priority assistance; removal of the “Made with Gamma” badge; custom fonts; unlimited edit history; and detailed analysis.

  • Free version : Absolutely, Gamma offers a free version allowing users to start using the tool without any upfront cost.

This version includes 400 AI Credits upon registration, unlimited Users and gammas; PDF export (Gamma brand); PPT export (Gamma brand); 7-day change history and basic analysis.

Gamma is an AI-powered presentation tool that stands out for its ease of use and ability to quickly generate interactive presentations.

It’s especially useful for those looking to create impactful presentations without spending a lot of time on design and layout.

With competitive pricing and a free version available, Gamma is accessible to a wide range of users.

10. Slidesai  

jpeg optimizer slide AI

SlidesAI is an application that uses artificial intelligence to help users quickly create professional and engaging presentation slides.

It’s integrated with Google Slides and aims to simplify the presentation creation process by transforming text into presentable slides.

 Sides ai features

  • Text to presentation : SlidesAI transforms text into presentations automatically.
  • Personalization : Users have the freedom to personalize the aesthetics and ergonomics of their presentations.
  • Quote and icon search: AI helps find relevant quotes and customize icons for slides.
  • Premium quality stock images: Access to 1.5 million stock images to enrich presentations.

The benefits of Slides AI

  • Time saving: SlidesAI offers the ability to design presentations up to 10 times faster, saving valuable work hours.
  • Ease of use : The tool is designed for its simplicity and intuitiveness, requiring no design expertise.
  • Integration with Google Slides : SlidesAI works seamlessly with Google Workspace, making it easy to access and collaborate.

Disadvantages of SlidesAI

  • Addiction to Google Slides : Currently, SlidesAI only works with Google Slides, which may be limiting for users of other platforms.
  • Limited design capacity : Although SlidesAI makes creating slides easy, it may not offer the same flexibility as a professional designer.

SlidesAI pricing

SlidesAI offers three pricing tiers:

  • Basic: Free, offering 3 presentations per month, 2500 characters per presentation, and 10 AI credits per month.
  • Pro : $10 per month, including 10 presentations per month, 6000 characters per presentation, and 50 AI credits per month.
  • Prime : $20 per month for businesses, with unlimited presentations, 12,000 characters per presentation, and 100 AI credits per month.

Each plan also includes a certain number of video exports per month, a feature coming soon, as well as document uploading coming soon.

SlidesAI is a handy tool for those looking to quickly create presentations without worrying about design details.

With its different pricing options, it is accessible both for free occasional use and for more intensive professional needs.

In summary

In conclusion, artificial intelligence is transforming presentation creation in unimaginable ways. These 10 tools are proof that we can combine efficiency and creativity without compromise.

Whether you are a professional aiming for excellence or a student aspiring to stand out, these tools are your best allies!Do you want to know more about AI tools? Discover our article on how AI tools are useful for digital marketers ?

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