22 Ways to Find Content Ideas [Infographic]

In the first quarter of 2021, there were more than 5 millions new blog posts on WordPress.

That’s a lot of content on the web, isn’t it? ????

But I think the right question is this: Is all this content being consumed by Internet users?

Apparently not ! Or rather not the way content creators (like me) want.

In fact, readers spend around 37 seconds on blog content. ????

These figures show the need for creators to produce high-quality and diverse content to stand out from the numerous articles that are published daily on the Web.

This is why I have brought together in this article and the accompanying infographic, 22 different ways to find ideas for diverse and relevant content for your audience.

If you are a blogger or web editor, here are lots of ideas that will certainly help with your lack of inspiration.

Here we go ! ????‍????


22 step pour trouver des idees de contenu

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22 Ways to Find Relevant Content Ideas for Your Audience

1. Do some curation

It involves making a list of 10 favorite blog posts from other blogs.

This not only provides an overview of trends in your industry, but also what kinds of content your target audience currently enjoys.

Therefore, your task will be to write comprehensive content that explores all aspects of a topic that audiences already love on other blogs.

2. Brainstorm as a group

Group brainstorming is a process of harnessing the creative power of a group to generate more ideas for content creation than a single person could do.

It involves asking your friends to help you come up with content ideas. This often leads to ideas you probably wouldn’t have thought of.

3. Ask your readers

Asking your audience questions takes the guesswork out of it, because your readers can tell you exactly what their problems are or what they would like to see on your site.

To do this, you can create surveys or ask your audience what they need. From then on, you will only have to produce content that satisfies all their concerns.

4. Interview an influencer

One of the great ways to create valuable content for your audience is to interview an expert in your industry.

In general, it is easier to prepare questions than to produce an entire article. When the interviewee has undeniable authority with the target audience, it is very likely that they will be interested in your content.

Your task will be to contact this person and ask them a series of questions.

5. Let a guest write on your blog

To save time and avoid the stress of coming up with content ideas, you can simply let people who want to have their content published on your blog write for you.

Also called a guest article, it is obvious that this technique is not free and in exchange, you will probably create a link to your guest’s site.

Instead of waiting for content creators to ask to write for your blog, you can contact small blogs in your niche and suggest that they create content for your site in exchange for links.

6. Do favorable case studies

Although the definition of case studies differs from industry to industry, they generally describe the experience of a real user of a business. It’s about talking about a customer’s success through your products or services.

To do your case study and speak highly of your brand, find out from your customers:

  • What your products or services do well;
  • Why do they like them?
  • What can your readers learn from this example?

7. Do worst case studies

Like case studies that are favorable for your brand, those that are unfavorable for your brand or those of your competitors are also a great content creation idea.

  • What the product or service does wrong;
  • Why do they like them?
  • What your readers can learn from this.

This involves asking users,

Such case studies can help you explain the wrong way of using a product or service.

8. Evaluate a product or service

Your audience probably needs reviews about a product or service. It would be interesting to write about a product or service to talk about your experience, including what you like and what you don’t like.

When you find the product or service that is the subject of your content interesting, do not hesitate to recommend it to your audience.

9. Share your success

People are often inspired by the journeys of successful people in their field. As a content creation idea, you can tell the story of your success.

It’s about showing your audience, step by step, the path to where you are today.

10. Share your failures

Just like your successes, your failures can help your audience in your daily life. Indeed, your failures allow other people not to make the same mistakes as you.

Write about your biggest challenges in achieving your goals and don’t be afraid to share things you’ve learned about them.

11. Relive memories

You can revive your old, most useful content by sharing it with your new readers. This technique no longer requires writing an entire article, but just a description and an explanation.

Additionally, you can use name recognition to your advantage. This involves grouping two subjects together in the same article.

One of the topics should be familiar to your audience and the second something your audience wants to know more about.

This technique is particularly beneficial when a particular name or article has resonated favorably with your audience.

12. Get inspired by movies

Popular movies can inspire you with content creation ideas. You can talk about the strategies of a movie character or give your opinions on a scene.

For example, the “sell me this pen” scene from the famous film “The Wolf of Wall Street” has inspired many content creators in marketing and coaching.

13. Take inspiration from television

Television is now part of the needs of every household, just as a smartphone is for every person. You can ride the popularity of TV shows in your niche and offer valuable content to your audience.

14. Take advantage of books

As you probably know, reading is an incredible source of inspiration. By reading a book, you will certainly have lots of ideas for producing new content.

To have more impact, use the name of the author of an amazing book you have read or simply the title of that book to promote your content.

15. Don’t forget the comics

Ideas for content creation sometimes come from unlikely places. Comics may have nothing to do with digital marketing, but they can help you create useful content for your target audience.

16. Follow the trends

Staying on top of trending topics gives you a huge advantage. This is because people are keen on new information and are much more likely to read about new trends.

Like Google Trends, today there are several tools that allow you to stay on top of information and know what is trending in your sector.

17. Make content about a celebrity

We live in an age where everything celebrities do interests their fans and the media.

Most of the time, any celebrity can do the trick, whether they’re a writer, musician, or actress.

However, make sure you provide your audience with fresh and immediate content that may interest them.

18. Lack of ideas? Take a good walk

Routine doesn’t always help you come up with new ideas and sometimes you need to change the atmosphere. A walk can help you relax and stimulate your creativity to come up with new content ideas.

On the other hand, we are no longer in the era where you can write content that you think your target audience will like. That said, try to produce a great article that benefits your target audience.

19. Watch a play

For some, the atmosphere of a theater can be stimulating. If you are one of these people, going to watch a play can awaken your creativity and boost your ability to generate ideas.

20. Explore your cultural horizons

Experiencing new cultural experiences can help boost your creativity. It could be going to a new ethical restaurant and making it a real experience.

21. Tell your story

Everyone loves a good story and readers never get tired of reading stories on a blog. Now is the time to connect with your audience by telling a personal story on your blog.

22. Recycle

You can bring your old content back to life by recycling it into new content. For example, you can transform your short content into longer content and vice versa.

This involves rewriting or revising certain sections of your content to make it longer or to present it in another format.

In summary

There are tons of techniques for finding great ideas for producing quality content that is useful to your audience.

Whatever your sector, the different tips covered in this infographic will allow you to find plenty of content ideas in order to remain consistent in your content creation strategy and publish frequently on your blog.

Hoping that this infographic will be useful to you for your marketing campaigns, do not hesitate to share it to introduce it to other content creators.

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