Anatomy of a Web Editor [Infographic]

According to the website, 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content per day. This figure shows the importance of regular content creation.

Not only does this guarantee the online presence of companies, this figure proves the importance of web editors. You still need to know how to recognize their qualities.

If you are a business manager and looking to get an idea of ​​the profile of a good web editor, this article will interest you. Likewise, if you like the job of writing content for the web and want to get started, this will also be very useful to you.

In this article, I invite you to discover the ideal anatomy of a web editor. This way you can distinguish the average from the exceptional. Good reading !


Lanatomie parfaite dun redacteur web moderne

1. Writing skills

Writing skills represent the set of abilities available to the web editor to properly and lovingly write any content as it presents itself. This starts with his capacity for empathy and his ability to be meticulous.

An exceptional web editor must know the desires, the convictions, but also the various apprehensions and difficulties of his clients. After that, his first intention would be to resolve these apprehensions and difficulties to satisfy the desires of the audience.

It is therefore up to him to:

  • always seek to better organize your ideas;
  • use an appropriate tone and language register;
  • rigorously maintain the form of the content.

In addition to such skills, the web editor is also a specialist in internet research. Let’s see why it is called so ?

2. Internet research

The Internet makes research accessible to everyone. However, the mass of information on the Internet requires knowing how to find the right information.

Indeed, knowing how to search for information and approve its reliability is a bit complicated to the extent that a query on the Internet gives a non-negligible number of results.

This can be a problem for Internet users and is what differentiates them from web editors. In reality, they do careful work before moving on to writing content.

In other words, they know how to use information and have a capacity for analysis and synthesis which allows them to filter the information before actually writing it. They improvise like slammers to be able to make their content coherent, pleasant and concise.

This ability to use information well is what distinguishes web editors from ordinary mortals. They are quick-witted and manage web information like no one else. They also have important storytelling skills.

3. Storytelling qualities

By definition, narration is the act of telling, exposing or clearly recounting a sequence of events to an audience made up of children, young people or old people. This definition is the one that best characterizes the web editor.

This means that good web editors are, above all, excellent storytellers. In fact, a well-articulated story with a good choice of words or expressions develops strong sensations in the interlocutor.

Thus, anyone who says they are a good web editor must be able to touch or move their audience when they write content on a given subject or theme.

He must be able to find a subtle and simple way to arouse certain emotions or actions through clear and relevant production.

4. A consideration of the usability of the text

Before a text is considered quality content, particular attention must be paid to the form of the content. It is also this which will allow you to concentrate on the substance.

Thus, the web editor must always seek to guarantee the formatting of the content he writes.

Therefore, the content of any web editor must follow best practices in terms of convenience. These are mainly:

  • respect white spaces;
  • write short sentences and paragraphs;
  • ensure readability;
  •  formulate and organize subtitles well.

It should be remembered that observing these practices contributes to better usability of content on company websites.

5. Skills in properly optimizing content

Knowing how search engines work, knowing the importance of quality content, managing keywords well: this is the minimum that a web editor can know in SEO.

To this list, it must be added that he must absolutely master certain SEO tools. Indeed, by demonstrating this little knowledge, the web editor will be able to produce content that will be well positioned in the Google SERPs.

6. Work ethic

The web editor is an enduring, strong and determined person. He is always looking for creativity, he goes beyond his limits to make his readers happy.

When a web editor sets out to create content, he is focused and seeks at all costs to finish his work correctly. Humble, curious and hardworking, they do not hesitate to give their all to their work.

His professional ethics require him to stay in front of his desk and rigorously complete the various missions entrusted to him. He plays several roles at once: he is his own boss, secretary, assistant and accountant.

He is purely and simply passionate about writing who should under no circumstances run out of inspiration. For the development of his activities, the web editor must have a certain knowledge of social media.

The reasons for this knowledge are those that we will explain to you below.

7. Some social media experience

The best way for a web editor to find more clients is to develop their personal branding on social networks.

To put it simply, the web editor must promote, maintain and sell his skills via marketing techniques that brands often use. It is for this simple reason that he must have a good knowledge of these social networks.

To do this, he must regularly make posts and seek to interact with his audience. Furthermore, to be more productive on a daily basis, some editors drink coffee. Why is that ? So what is the benefit that coffee provides to web editors?

8. Lover of caffeinated products

The web editor is confronted more than everyone with constant intellectual work. This is demonstrated by his ability to write several articles on different themes every day.

This intellectual performance does not always go without consequences. In fact, intellectual work is sometimes more exhausting than physical work.

Between severe migraines, lower back pain and customer satisfaction, caffeine consumption is the ideal remedy. It is a stimulant of the nervous system which restores strength to the body, but also more enthusiasm for work.

So, whether the web editor drinks tea or consumes Starbucks every time, caffeine is an essential food for daily productivity and taming sleepless nights.

In summary

At the end of this infographic, we were able to see roughly the more or less perfect profile that a good web editor can have. It should therefore be remembered that this content creator must have:

  • good writing skills;
  • a high sense of Internet research;
  • an ability to properly optimize the content he creates;
  • a good work ethic;
  • some mastery of social media…

The web editor is passionate about web writing. Obviously, other points characterize it. We will have the opportunity to introduce them to you very soon.

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